Let it snow, let it snow, wish it would snow ..

With apologies to Dean Martin ……  

When the weather outside is frightful (or even when it’s not!)

December on the beach

On the beach is quite delightful

December on the beach 

It’s the only place to go ……

December on the beach

Let it snow…..

December on the beach

Let it snow …..

December on the beach


Hmmm… not too sure about the snow, Ben, though I know you love it and it’s much more fun than rain.  But whatever the weather, it’s snug and cosy indoors now our wood burning stove is installed ….. 

Cosy by the stove

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo – the light is dreadful as it’s raining again here today.  But the stove is sooooo warm – I foresee a winter of contented stitching and toe-toasting in front of its golden glow.  We’ll be decorating after Christmas, but simply no time left to splash paint around beforehand! 

Christmas Paper Bunting

Did you spot my printable Christmas bunting in the corner of the photo cheering up that corner of the room?  It’s a great last minute addition to your decorations if you’ve any gaps to fill.  And as part of my season of giveaways, I’ve reduced it by a third to the bargain price of just $3.00 for the downloadable pdf file containing 16 flags all based on vintage patterns.  Just print, cut and hang – a totally stress-free addition to your Christmas decorations!  If you’d like it then just CLICK HERE to view details and purchase from my Christmas shop.


Looks like Ben enjoyed his walk. Looks really cosy by the fire – can I come and join you……!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Your seaweed wreath is simply stunning and the beach looks perfect for a stroll. We’ve had snow, freezing rain, rain, back to snow again, and at last look what appeared to be some sort of freezing mist. Hoping for a white Christmas but may have to be content with slush! Lovely warm glow from your new stove!
X Linda


Wonderful photographs. We have what I call a “dusting” of snow in Northern NY near the Canadian border..just enough to make it look Christmas-y. But then it will thaw during the day and it is gone. I long for a White Christmas, too, though your beach looks wonderful to me also! God bless and keep you. Merry Christmas!

Yvonne Hamilton

A bit of snow here in Renton, Washington–but then it turned to rain. Fortunately, we have a pellet stove that is warm and cozy too. Yours looks beautiful! Bet Ben enjoys it too!
Merry Christmas!!!


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