Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I wondered if perhaps the title of this post should be “home at last!!”  I have been away rather longer than anticipated, hence the lack of posting over the last 10 days.  This month I celebrated a significant birthday and Townie Husband treated us to a trip to… guess where….
a very large city …..
with wonderful shopping …..
beautiful (if rather chilly!) park ….
… and famous cupcakes!!  (well I had to make sure they were as good as I’d heard).  Yes… I’ve been to
And we had a wonderful time … Rosie and I shopped, we did the touristy things, ate and drank far too much and generally enjoyed ourselves.  I had heard that New Yorkers were aloof and not particularly welcoming, but I found everyone extremely courteous and helpful … thanks guys!
BUT … then we had to come home.  That would have been fine except that we were supposed to fly into Heathrow on Saturday night.  Let it suffice to say that, thanks to BAA and the snow, we returned home over a rather long period of time, eventually travelling via Shannon and Birmingham. 
I did have a couple of other Christmas ideas to share but I think I’ll save them for next year now as I expect everyone will be far too busy doing lots of other things.  One thought for you though, we visited New York Zoo and I fell in love with their Polar Bear Christmas wreath (above) – just soft toys joined in a ring and decorated with ribbons.  Such a simple idea, and if you haven’t already hung your wreath then this could be an easy and brilliant short cut route to take!


Please do share more about New York when you have time! I also had a significant birthday this week, and my husband has his in a few months so, like you, we are hoping for a trip to New York at Easter. And, like you, we'll be taking our Rosie with us!! The zoo is top of her list to visit after watching Madagascar far too many times… Merry Christmas!


Fantastic! I loved New York and, like you, I found the people there very nice! I'd love to hear more about your trip too.

The polar bear wreath is great! What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing… maybe for next year.

Happy Christmas to you 🙂


And a lovely and happy Christmas to you too! Looking forward to the new year 2011 and spending time on your blog "visiting" and being inspired by your wonderful creativity.




Oh oh oh oh oh, New York!!!! You're so lucky!!! What a GREAT gift from Townie Husband!
A polar bear wreath, hadn't seen one like it! Beautiful and certainly special! AND from NEW YORK zoo!!!!!
Have a great christmas and a wonderful 2011!


Oh my goodness I LOVE this idea!!!
I will save it for next year. I just saw it today as I did not get to do much blog reading during the last weeks.
For some reason I either get to read blogs or get to write my blogs – there seems no real way to achieve both … must be doing something wrong …

thanks for this inspirational picture!!!


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