My favourite time of year

I really love this time of year – I think May is possibly my most favourite time of all.  Whilst I enjoy the mellow colours and soft mists of autumn, hot chocolate and toasty toes at Christmas, and picnics on the beach in August, May is such a vibrant, colourful, ALIVE sort of month after the long dark winter months we’ve endured.  The days are significantly longer now, and earlier this week I ate my first meal in my summerhouse this year – supervised of course by my two furry friends…..

Yes, that’s Daisy doing her best to look pitiful and starving – she seems to be so weak from hunger that she can’t even hold her head up, but has to rest her chin on the table!  I don’t think so Daisy!  There’s lots to do in the garden too.  The spring bulbs are over, and the garden bluebells are beginning to fade, though they’re at their peak in the woods and hedgerows around the village ….

There’s some early blossom on my apple trees …

And I really must get my seeds into my new cutting garden (carefully fenced to prevent canine incursions) so they’ll be ready in time for Rosie & Dan’s wedding.  They need to be growing in here …

Not sitting on my kitchen worksurface posing for their picture dressed prettily in their packets!

And please send all your positive thoughts to my rose archway.  It’s all in place now, but looking rather small ….



I think it will all look beautiful for the wedding. Think you may need some netting across the top to stop the birdies eating the seeds…
Ben and Daisy are so gorgeous
Julie xxxxxxxxx


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