Oh dear Ben … and baby elephants

I am sure I must have remarked before now that Ben is practically the size of a baby elephant.  He weighs just a little under 12 stone (168 lbs) or 76 kg and stands around 5’8″ on his back legs.  So a big fellow – but a gentle giant, who is usually happy to amble along on his walks in a placid sort of way.  He is however, very greedy ….

… With a particular liking for peanut butter – and Cornish pasties!  Which brings me to my sorry tale of his VERY bad behaviour today.  Ben was out walking with a friend through the village in his usual unhurried manner.  This meant Tom wasn’t really paying attention to what he was up to until there was a sudden jerk on the lead and a shout of “Oi, get off!” from behind.  He turned around to see Master Benjamin up on his back legs attempting to remove a pasty through the open window of a car in which a man was sitting enjoying his lunch.  Luckily Tom was quick enough to foil Ben’s attempt at pasty theft and the owner of the pasty saw the funny side.  Oh dear Ben!

Much better behaved are my little elephant softies, Peanut and Penelope …..

Who featured in this month’s issue of the magazine.  I’m pleased to be able to announce that Baby Elephant kits are now back in stock, and we have two varieties available.  There’s a vintage blanket version with pastel dotty ears, and also a lovely soft grey marl wool-blend felt with red dotty ears.  Just CLICK HERE to find them both in the softies section of my store.  And, just because we love elephants, Rosie has put together a great Pinterest board featuring these gentle creatures ….


I must admit, I’m rather taken with the lovely elephant hoop.  If you’d like to see more, then please do pop over to our Pinterest board.


Oh how embarrassing for for Tom. I can confirm though Ben is so gentle, until he stands on your foot!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Ha..ha….. I remember the first time I met my husbands relatives dog – a very large St Bernard – we drove up the driveway and I had my window open and didn’t see him coming as I popped out my head a little to say hello to the Aunt and Uncle he greeted me with a slobbery kiss and shake of the head/spit right on my nose! So needed a towel.


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