Paw Ben and Calorie-free treats

Thank you everyone so much for all your kind wishes for the big furry one’s speedy recovery.  All went well, and he’s home from the vet now, but feeling rather sorry for himself ….

paw ben

After a rocky 24 hours when he refused to drink he’s now feeling much more like himself, and is a total menace in his plastic cone.  So far he has barged into (and destroyed or damaged) two terracotta pots (complete with contents), one small table, pile of laundry in its basket waiting to be hung on the line (had to be washed all over again) and made a large scrape along the side of the house.  But I will have the last laugh.  His weight check before his operation revealed that he had put on the pounds and now weighs a portly 77 kg (that’s 168 lbs or 12 stone exactly).  This is too heavy and he needs to lose half a stone at least.

So we are all now on diets, and cake is a thing of the past … unless of course it’s cake with no calories like my Celebration Cake pattern from last month’s magazine …..

And to help with extra inspiration I’ve started a new board on Pinterest called Calorie-free treats – they’re all so lovely we’ll be slender before we know it!



Wow! Your dog is heavier than me!
All the best for his recovery, though!


The sooner the better! But seriously, he’s back at the vet on Friday so we’ll know then.

Beverly Carroll

Poor Ben! It’s amazing how much I love those dogs. They really are fun to read about. I’m glad the wedding went well. Everything looked lovely. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom (the human ones).
Give Ben a gentle pat from his #1 fan!

Kathleen Robertson

Oh my, look at his sad face, he is feeling sorry for himself. I hate those cone collars, necessary I know, but oh I so wish someone would invent something better. I can’t believe how big he is, he’s more than one and a half times heavier than I am LOL Just a bundle of fluffiness. Glad to hear he’s much improved.
I have to tell you, that you have inspired me to try free hand applique and although my attempts leave a lot to be desired, I really enjoy it, thank you Helen 🙂


Thanks Kathleen, and do keep going with the applique, it’s like most things, the more you practise, the better you get!

Pam MacLennan

Oh my what a sight – sorry Ben, you really look like you have been in the wars and those eyes – you sure know how to tug on the heart strings. Lucky you having such a wonderful Mum and little sister.
Those cones are a menace aren’t they? Did you know they are also called “Elizabethan Collars” ? One of our dogs had one on last year and yes he also caused havoc around the yard, we came home to find it hanging around his neck in pieces. He also couldn’t fit in his kennel with it on so spent a week living in the laundry which I am sure he was quite happy to put up with the cone just for the luxury of being inside.
Love reading your blog Helen and hearing about your family both the human and animal variety.


Poor Ben! I’m so sorry that he’s feeling so poorly! Since a big hug is probably out of the question due to the cone, please give him a loving pat and my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
X Linda


I will, thanks Linda, it’s a pity I can’t explain to him how much better his eyes will feel from now on and all this is so worthwhile for him.

Patricia Evans

I’m glad Ben is feeling better although I imagine you will feel better when the cone comes off.

The wedding was so beautiful, and the amount of work you did was astonishing. I would have had to collapse for a week. I have worried about the roses growing up the arbor ever since you mentioned planting them. Did they make it?


Hi Patricia, thanks and sort of is the answer! They got half way and then we twined silk ones around the arch so it looked lovely x


Mr. Ben and Mum Helen

Try eating carrots before you eat your dinner kibble and snack on them as well. Carrots are good for you but more importantly they help fill your tum tum so you don’t eat as much kibble. I started my Granddogter on carrots to get her german shephard gorgeous down from 117lb in Januarya to 104 in June.

Miss Stella loves to sit on the couch with my son eating carrots while watching the telly. Still can’t get the granddaughter to eat them though.

Here in the US one can get bags of “baby carrots”. Son gets one, Stella gets one. Son gets one. Stella gets one. Both of them are a bit more svelte these days from the more healthy snacking. Oh, by the way, if son tries to short or really does forget to give Stella one, up comes the paw to say, not your turn bud!

Other good treats are cooked sweet potato chunks and blanched green beans. Things that mum Helen would maybe otherwise be cooking and could do you up some as well. During the summer months, watermelon is also good for dogs. Stella is over the moon for watermelon.

Stella’s gramma


Aw, thanks for the ideas, we will definitely try them – Daisy is very fond of frozen peas – when they’re frozen! xx


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