Pink, pretty and cutting up curtains …..

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who left such lovely comments about my mice – and my disappointment, it was so kind of you all.   I’m going to be doing some more projects for that publisher and the editor has been in touch about my picture, so fingers crossed all will be well next time!  I was also touched that one or two people said they’d know my work anywhere and wondered if that might be because I try to make all my softies look nice and kind and cheerful?  

At the moment I have a few of my bunnies from last month’s magazine scattered around the house all ready for Easter …

Spot the little chap on my kitchen windowsill, looking very comfortably settled next to my lovely pink roses( a bargain from Tesco!).  My sewing tin heaped with hexies has just crept into the corner of this picture (there’s a tiny bit peeping out from behind the hen jelly mould) and I hope to be able to show you my completed hexie project very soon indeed.  It’s been a bit of a slow sew – lots of lovely handstitching which I’ve really enjoyed.  I do try to include all sorts of projects and something for everyone in the magazine each month, so I’ve also put some embellished tea towels into the May issue ….

Featuring simple machine applique they’re really quick and easy to make – and would be a great make-to-sell if you’re having a stall at a fete or fair this summer.  These are for Rosie though as I’ve used up some of the scraps from her wedding fabrics, so she and Dan can think happy wedding thoughts even while they’re washing up!  

The boxes next to the kettle are part of my wedding preparations too. They’re holding some sweet pea seeds I’m germinating for Rosie’s wedding garden, whilst the tea pots on my pink chair are destined for the tea tables at her reception, they’ll look so pretty filled with flowers.  But even with all the wedding preparations I’ve managed to squeeze in a little sewing just for me ….

I’m still keeping to easy patterns whilst I practise my half-remembered dress-making skills.  This top was made from Indygo Junction’s Perfect Pullover pattern.  It was soooooo simple – I’d totally recommend it to beginners or less confident dress-makers.  I’m not sure if I went a bit over the top with my recycling though – I made my version from part of an old curtain, a thrifted pillowcase and some leftover Laura Ashley scraps from Rosie’s childhood.  Can I really go out dressed in an old curtain and half a pillowcase I wonder? 


Dear Helen,
I LOVE the top! Don’t worry about the fabric. I think it looks great. I once bought some old curtains and made about everything out of them… Still got some scraps left!
I am happy the comments made you cheer up a bit. I love your creations and I would rencognise them too because of their distinctive character. You always seem to combine colourful fabrics with applique and I see that you get a lot of inspiration from things around you like houses, the kitchen, animals in the woods etc.
Enjoy the wedding preparations!
Kind regards, Olga


I love the tea towels, and your top. I’m sure you could go out in curtains and pillow cases, unless they read this article no one will ever know. I love the pictures on the wall. My favourite is the one bottom right of the weather vane. Ever since I was a little girl weather vanes fascinated me.
Julie xxxxx


Don’t tell them it’s an old curtain and half a pillow case and they’ll never know. I think it’s lovely. You’ll stand out in the crowd in your original creation and I think that is a great thing to be able to do. Vicki


Love-love-love everything, Helen! And if Scarlett O’Hara (“Gone With The Wind”) can wear a dress made from curtains anyone can! ;-). Good job!


Hi Helen,
I’d just say that too many people conform and it’s up to the rest of us to help them ‘break out’ and I think your top is just great – in fact I don’t think there’s anything that you’ve done that I haven’t liked. Go for it!


Good Morning Helen! Just getting caught up on your blog and “OH MY!” Love that top! Love the Spring look, great look. Keep inspiring me 🙂


remember the sound of music curtains made into play clothes and the curtain material used for the fancy dress that Scarlet wore in Gone With the wind. Your creativity is wonderful and I love your stories.


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