Pride goes before a fall

It’s true to say I was feeling very proud.  At the age of – no, some things are best not mentioned – let’s just say at a slightly more mature age than one might expect – I had become a cover girl!  That is to say, my little mice had been chosen for the cover of a new British bookazine “Handmade Gifts.”

“Look it’s us – we’re famous!”

When my copy arrived I couldn’t wait to open it.  Yes, there were my mice, beautifully photographed and the pattern looked wonderful too I thought, though I did wonder why I can’t make my template lines as neat and straight as theirs.  But then …. my eye strayed to the credit box and my heart sank through my boots ….

“That’s not our mum!”

It’s not me!  My mice have been credited to another person (who may or may not be called Helen Dickson) entirely.  Now, I am sure that whoever this lady is she’s a very lovely lady, but the fact remains – she isn’t me!  I am notoriously camera-shy as you know, but I feel I need to set the record straight – this is me….

Back and front view just to be sure!  The magazine editor apologised profusely, but of course it’s too late for any change to be made.  Still, it’s hard to be downcast for long when there are bluebells in the hedgerows and hexies in the sewing tin….

Yes, watch out for some English paper piecing and lots of little hexies in the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – perfect handstitching to take out and about with you now the warmer weather’s here. (or on its way at least!) 



Ouch! That happened to me once, I wrote a letter to a very early Needlecraft magazine (pre 2000 when they first came out) and they credited my picture to someone else, I complained, and I thought, they’ll apologise in the next magazine – they didn’t!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


I was so sorry to read about the magazine’s unforgiveable mistake. You must have been so disappointed to see your beautiful mice credited to someone else. Hopefully they will publish an apology in the next issue. I suspect they won’t drop such a clanger the next time you are featured.

Thank you so much for the pleasure your blog brings, and for your delightful patterns/characters which never fail to cheer.

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine.

North Somerset


Oh, I feel your disappointment! As Marion said, next time they will get it right! The cover does look fabulous. Oh & you need to put lots more pics of yourself on your blog so we all really ‘know’ you. 🙂 One with all your lovely sewn animal family to start with.


I’m sure like many of your other subscribers, when I saw that cover in the shops I knew instantly that was a Bustle and Sew creation! I was therefore very surprised to see that it wasn’t you beside your mice inside the magazine! Its such a shame that the readers wont know where to go to find more of your fantastic patterns or the amount of effort and work you put into the magazine each month. Thank you for all your hard work and gorgeous creations. I really hope that you do get the recognition for your work.
Donna x


Oh, such a shame! I once got a bank card at my local bank, and I had to submit my passport photo for it. When I received the card after two weeks, you can guess how disappointed I was to see my name next to a photo of a… teenage GUY! They had put the wrong photo on my card!
Your mice are lovely and I’m sure if people google your name they’ll find your website AND its rightful owner!


I’m so sorry and disturbed for you to learn this. I do hope they apologize and correct this in the next issue! Bummer. Hugs!

P.S. Darling haircut you have too!


Strangely I just googled ‘Helen Dickson felt mice’ and saw that your books on Amazon also have Helen Dickson as the author.

I look forward to the next magazine, I love them and have myself been hand sewing hexies this week.


I really feel for you & can image the disappointment but the important people know who you are lol & I’m sure you will get new followers to despite the magazine fauxpar. I love your monthly magazine reading about the dogs & life in Devon you are so lucky, shake it off & move on to the next project I think Mrs Fox needs a Mr. Fox, have a good time in the sun to come, xXx


That’s awful, yes they should put a correction in the next issue saying that photo of Helen Dickson is incorrect and should have been this Helen Dickson. I am sure they could put it somewhere in the mag. The letters page perhaps. I haven’t seen that mag yet in the shops. The cover looks great though. You must have been thrilled even with the blunder taking the shine of it.
Best wishes Cheryl


Hi Helen, sorry, just realized your surname so please ignore my comments, obviously you are referring to the photo not the name.

Yvonne x


It’s unforgivable really they should be checking details like this before they go to print. I new straight away that is your work Helen and when ever I show what I have made from your magazine on my blog I always post your name and link to your web.
Take care. Julie.C


Congratulations! A wonderful accomplishment, and even though the magazine was terribly in error, the fact remains YOUR sweet mice were featured. Hopefully they will publicly rectify their mistake.
X Linda


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