Roses all around the house ….

Or … I’m still loving my vintage Sanderson fabric!  I think I mentioned a little while ago that I had the most amazing find while shopping in Kingsbridge – 3 1/2 yards of Sanderson roses fabric for just £5!!  It was the end of a roll and I found it in a small family-owned shop on Fore Street amongst lots of other bits and pieces – I think they’d been clearing out their storeroom.  I used it to line the blind in my kitchen and added a narrow border either side.  It’s quite discreet inside, but looks lovely from outdoors.  I didn’t take a photo outside (sorry) – but here’s a picture of the finished blind looking down the kitchen towards the back door …

It’s a simple Roman blind, and I was able to reuse all the fittings.  The most expensive part was the pink check fabric from Susie Watson at £25 per metre – but my bargain fabric and re-using the fittings meant my blind was still very affordable!  On the windowsill is possibly the last of my wonderful pink camellia flowers.  They have been wonderful this spring, but sadly are now coming to an end..

After finishing my blind, I still had well over a metre (about a yard and a half) of my Sanderson fabric left, so I decided to take spring into my front room and make a simple patchwork cloth for my table using a combination of my favourite Susie Watson fabrics as well as the Sanderson roses…

I included some sage green squares as I wanted the tablecloth to work well with the green wallpaper in the front room…..

I’m quite pleased with the result.  I think that incorporating similar fabrics into both rooms brings them together, helping them flow into each other harmoniously.  I don’t have curtains in the front room as the window still has the old shutters, so the tablecloth isn’t “fighting” with any other bold patterns.  

And finally – back to the kitchen – where two sleepy newfies are settling down for their post-walk afternoon nap – hopefully they’ve left room for me to clamber onto the sofa behind that snoozy Miss Daisy!

Back soon with my finished Alphabet Quilt – thanks for the suggestions – and I hope you’ll approve of my choice of border.


Beautiful fabric. Your rooms look so peaceful. On the left in the first photo, are those little houses in the blue cupboard? They look adorable.


Love your decorating! You’re welcome to help me with mine any day! Love your style and colors! Thank you for inviting us into your home.


My camellia is at the back of our house and the garden is north facing so it has’t flowered yet…our’s normally comes into flower about the end of March, so we still have them to look forward too….love the kitchen….


The rooms look great! Beautiful fabric – if they photo so well now imagine how fantastic they will look on Wedding Day!!!

Patricia Evans

Helen, your kitchen is lovely. The wedding photographs taken in Coombe Leigh will be exceptional. I, too, love the Sanderson Roses, and did you make a cover for your laptop with the fabric? Perhaps, someday when you are looking around for something to blog about, you could tell you how you did it? And maybe tell us about your “little house” herb and spice jars?
Your last email gave us a sneak peek at your Woodland Alphabet quilt. I can’t wait for the April issue of Bustle & Sew for the pattern.
And the camellias…. They won’t grow where I am now but someday I’ll be somewhere where they will.
And finally, at least Miss Daisy isn’t on the sofa!


The room looks so beautiful; the wedding photos will be absolutely gorgeous and do your daughter and husband-to-be proud!

I love the house jars – can I ask where you found them? They are adorable and look so picturesque on the lovely dresser.


Hi Helyn, they are vintage jars that I inherited. Thanks so much for your kind comments about my decorating! xx


You’re kitchen looks so pretty, bright and cheerful! You’re photos of the wedding are going to be spectacular.


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