Some Wedding Photos ….

At last … I have some pictures to share with you……


The happy couple leaving the church

The colour’s a bit washed out above so here’s a close up of Rosie’s beautiful bouquet.  Absolutely stunning!

Then it was off to the reception.  We’d spent nearly a whole day decorating this barn in South Milton, just 15 minutes from the church ….

And it did look lovely.  Spot the embroidery hoop table names, as well as ….

Embroidered place settings and handmade napkins lovingly folded into hearts (wonder who made those?!)

All the youngsters – from left to right – Naomi was Maid of Honour, she’s Rosie’s oldest friend from school days, Sam was an Usher, then the Bride and Groom of course – Rosie met Felicia, her second bridesmaid, in Australia when they were both travelling, and Jack, Dan’s younger brother was Best Man.

Their first dance (aahhh) – a great band – jazz in the afternoon and something much livelier for dancing later!

A truly wonderful day … as Rosie was heard to remark:  “This has been the best day of my life!”


Thanks for sharing this special day. Rosie is right, it certainly is a best day of your life!


Rosie looks absolutely gorgeous, and looks like the day was perfect.
Julie xxxxxxxxx


I know – but these photos were all taken by Rosie’s friends – the mice were on the cake and sweet tables and I’m hoping that when we get the official pics they’ll make an appearance. xx


Your ideas and hand made items are so unique. Helen, you always chose such great colors. Love the barn setting.
So lovely. I love that you made the hoops for the tables. Such a great idea. The napkins are all very pretty and special. Rosie is beaming and so is her husband. Wishing Rosie and hubby much happiness.


Your daughter looks lovely so nice to have the weather on your side!!! She is wearing a dress very similar if not the same as my daughter and their bouquets are very similar too as well as colour scheme!!?? They obviously have great taste!! Glad you had a day to remember x


And lots of love to your daughter took I expect they both have great taste as they take after their mums lol!!


Thank you for allowing us to sneak a peek at your special day.
They all looked lovely, even the boys.


Love, Love, Love…the reception area is amazing! I love the hoops, the bunting, the flowers, and…well just everything about it. Rosie’s bouquet is beautiful and she is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Thank you so much for sharing Rosie’s and Dan’s big day with us.
All your love and hard work showed.

Barbara Webster

Bride and groom look so happy. So pleased you all had a wonderful day 🙂 x


Que adorável casamento!
A noiva é linda, e muito feliz! Deus os abençoe muito nessa nova vida.
Parabéns a você pelos arranjos das mesas, amei. felicidades e bjjsssssss

Pamela Fitzsimmons

Congratulations – it was lovely of you to let us see the pictures and keep us informed. It was all the sort of things that most of us like to hear about. That we would all chat about if we were having a wee girly day. Don’t forget we would like to see you and hubs!


Hi Pamela, will post more when the official ones arrive. There’s none of me and Rosie’s dad here as these were all taken by her friends, who naturally weren’t interested in snapping the “oldies!” Xx

Kathleen Robertson

Thank you so much for sharing Helen, everything just looks prefect. The reception area has a lovely vintage look about it, so very natural and beautiful. All the flowers, napkins, placemats etc all work perfectly together, you did good!!! 🙂
Rosie looked beautiful, her dress is gorgeous, love the lace. Now we’re just looking forward to seeing the *oldies* too LOL.


Thanks Kathleen – I’m looking forward to the official pics too and will be sure to post some more when they arrive xx

Laura Jean Rusin

It all looks so very lovely! thank you for sharing. My best wishes to Rosie and Dan.


All looks stunning including the bride 🙂 She looked so happy and just love those flowers, gorgeous old fashioned roses. The venue was just so beautifully decorated, it is obvious that a great deal of thought and love went into the decorations. Thank you Helen for sharing these pics with us x


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