St Ives, Cornwall … a weekend away

We’ve been away for a few days!  Townie Husband and I crossed the border (!) from Devon to Cornwall and drove down to the pretty little seaside town of St Ives – famed of course for its artistic community.  St Ives sits on the most beautiful bay, with glorious views from almost every angle ..
I took this shot from our hotel bedroom window!  And we were so lucky with the weather, we caught the last of the warm weather, before this week’s cold easterly wind arrived. Of course St Ives was a fishing village before the artists arrived, and retains much of that atmosphere with its cobbled winding streets..
Too many to explore  … as there are some lovely shops to visit too!
Wonderful pasties and Cornish Fairings (a spiced biscuit).  There is a Cath Kidston – love this display of coloured glassware (though I think it might have been plastic) in the window with the light shining through ..
There aren’t many other chain stores – St Ives remains a town filled with small independent shops.
Though like many seaside towns, with a definite seagull problem!  We have lots of gulls here – they are very aggressive and are a particular nuisance at this time of year when they are nesting – of course they are protective of their young, but last year Ben and I grew very tired of being continually strafed by  large angry birds as we walked along the lane to the woods. 
We had a great time – watched the wedding in the pub with lots of other happy revellers, explored the town and beaches, then made a quick trip across the penninsula to St Michael’s Mount – we took Rosie there many years ago so it was lovely to revisit – they have wonderful icecream there too!
And I returned home refreshed – with lots of new pattern ideas!  Here’s a quick peek at my circus lion – a partner for my elephants and coming very soon to newsletter readers! Wach this space …….


I've been to St. Ives once – it was lovely! Glad you had a nice time away. 🙂


Glad you had a lovely time. We must make an effort and go back to all theses places we've once before
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx


What a lovely weekend you had! Love seeing your photos. I watched THE wedding on tv nearly non-stop Friday. Beautiful!!


Glad you enjoyed your visit to my part of the world.Love your work,you are very talented.xx


Thank you for sharing your trip. I can feel the sunshine on my face. What a perfect place to get away from it all. I would have spent a good deal of my time wandering quaint narrow cobblestone streets and happily sitting and munching away the time in the pastry shop.

Againl thank you so much for sharing.

The White House

Just found your blog, via KC's. Its been about 5 years since I was last in Cornwall. I love St Ives and St Michaels Mount.

Shirl x


Hello, just found you via twitter! Glad to see you had a nice time here in St. Ives!!! from Noelle x

Bumpkin Bears

It looks so beautiful, one place in Cornwall I have never visited, must add to my list 🙂 LOVE your lion! Catherine x


These are pictures that could make me hop into my car and drive to the chunnel immediately! Looks like such a great place to visit. I think one day not too far away I will spend some vacation in Great Britain again – it might be a long drive around the countries to see all the beautiful places I have known through blogs!

Teri Coleman

Hi there, I found you though Lilipopo's blog 🙂

I just wanted to say I was in St Ives just before Easter and hope to make it my home maybe later this year! I'm glad you had a chance to see it at it's best! Oh and those glasses in Cath Kidson? totally glass I checked!

I'm now following your blog and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work 🙂

love Teri xxx


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