Stripey Fish and Seven Months today!

A very quick post on a lovely sunny Sunday evening – just to let you know that I added my free Stripey Fishes applique pattern to the newsletter readers free pattern library today.  If you’re not a newsletter reader and would like the pattern – then you can join using the form in the right-hand sidebar – it’s free and as well as the Stripey Fishes you receive other free patterns, all my news and other goodies too!

Stripey Fishes

I also wanted to show you this lovely photo of Daisy looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!  We know that isn’t true – she is the naughtiest little madam (digging, post-shredding, stealing and pulling Ben’s fur), but we love her anyway (even though Ben thinks she’s a bit of a nuisance sometimes).  She’s exactly seven months old today – how time flies! 




Gosh, 7 months already! What a beautiful dog she is, too. I’m sure Ben loves life with his ‘little’ buddy! Your new sewing room is looking lovely.


She is such a beauty! One cannot help but love a big naughty girl. It only means she is extremely smart!


She is very smart at thinking of new ways to be naughty, digging in the garden, shredding the post, stealing slippers and pulling Ben’s fur are just a few of her activities!


What a stunning photograph of Daisy, how did you get her to stay still and pose? Our Ruby is going through a naughty phase of finding new holes in the hedge to squeeze through and then run off to see her friend Boris.


Hi Amanda – pure luck – I just happened to have my phone in the summer house. Daisy was intently watching a blackbird in the roses, and looked round at the perfect moment! Ruby sounds like a little pickle(!) luckily I’d need almost elephant-sized holes in my hedge for my two to squeeze through!


What a lovely lady! Seven months have just flown by, and Daisy has changed so much…
Thanks so much for the Stripey Fishes Applique Pattern. It’s perfect and a generous gift!
X Linda


Ooh, I love both the stripey fishes and Daisy. She sounds like our Golden retriever named Percy who just turned two and yes, he is finally starting to behave. Linza, our older papillon, thinks he a nuisance too!


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