Summer seems to have fled!

Today I finally disassembled the wedding rose arch – summer seems to have fled – the evenings are drawing in and it’s sooo chilly in the mornings.  But it’s still only August and I’m not ready for autumn yet!  Most of the fields have now been cut and we’re enjoying the freedom of roaming across the stubble before they’re ploughed again later in the year.  It’s fun to walk along the hedgerows ….


A fresh new perspective on “our” woods as now we can walk around the perimeter on the other side of the hedge.  And sometimes it’s fun to run and play among the enormous bales of straw – the newfies that is – and you can see how happy Ben is now his eyes are healed and his tooth is no longer there to hurt him ….

 There are autumnal flowers from my garden in my lovely mother-of-the-bride Emma Bridgewater jug ….


Poppies around the edges of the newly cut fields ….


And on my latest Pinterest board too (yes, I’ve been playing again!)

But surely summer can’t be over yet – after all it’s still warm enough for swimming!



Thanks for sharing the lovely poppies. Such brilliant color! Thanks so much, too, for the update on Ben. It was wonderful to see him playing and back to being himself!
X Linda


How lovely to see Ben and Daisy playing and swimming. Beautiful flowers in your jug, I can’t believe you sill have Crocosmia still in flower – mine is almost finished flowering! Poppies are so beautiful aren’t they? Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos/video.
Lynn xx


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