Sunday Baking

I love this time of year as the summer begins to slip gently away, the days grow shorter and it will soon be time to light the log burner in the evenings.  In the garden there are apples ….

And the postman left a most interesting and eagerly-anticipated parcel for me in the log store ….

Some yarn and new needles for an autumn knitting project!  Rosie thinks I’ll look very funny in my hood – but I think it will be perfect to keep my ears warm when I’m out walking with the Newfies this winter …

And it’s cool enough now to get up close to the Aga and enjoy baking again.  Rosie and I both love to bake and so we’ve decided to include a new baking feature in the Bustle & Sew Magazine starting with this month’s issue.  I was so pleased when Rachel of Sunday Baking let us include her delicious recipe for Cinnamon and Nutella Muffins this month.

We had to try them first of course and I can guarantee they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!  Rachel’s blog is called Sunday Baking and I would definitely recommend a visit as she has some amazing recipes that I can hardly wait to try.  Rachel told me that ….

“The aim of Sunday Baking is to prove to everyone that anyone can bake. Nothing on my blog is too complicated and I try to break it down as simply as I can so anyone can follow the recipe. I want to share my passion with everyone!”

I think my next recipe to try from Sunday Baking will be this one ….

Apple & Cinammon Cake with a Crumb Topping 

Perfect for all those apples in my garden.  And wonderful served warm with a little cream when my friends come for tea.   Thanks so much Rachel, I’ll definitely be back for another look through your lovely Sunday Baking blog.



The hood looks great…You might need an extra button to keep it tight when the wind blows but otherwise these hoodies are very cozy. Let’s see a pic when you are done.


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