The final few hours….

I can hardly believe it – less than 24 hours to go before we say our final farewells to Devon and head off to our new home in Somerset!  There’s been an awful lot of this going on over the last few days …..


And the Newfies have been going a little bit stir crazy as for them, there’s a lot of waiting around while I fill boxes and bags with all our possessions.  Though Daisy is prone to a little sabotage – more than once I have discovered an item I KNEW I had packed placed carefully on my armchair where I would be sure to find it!  So it was time to head off out and say goodbye to another favourite walk – this time a lovely woodland trail at Woodleigh.  I didn’t take many photos, but did quickly snap this beautiful wild – or dog – rose scrambling through a hedgerow …

newfies02As well as this shot of my two furry friends competing to see who has the longest tongue ….

newfies01 Sorry Daisy – but Ben wins this time – absolutely no doubt!  And on that very silly note, I’ll finish this post and return to my packing (not much left to do now).  Please keep your fingers crossed for a nice dry day tomorrow – we don’t want rain and a lot of soggy boxes!  I’ll be back before too long with my first post from Somerset xx


Safe journey and we will visit once you are settled. I loved visiting this little cottage and look forward to seeing the new one.
Hugs to Ben and Daisy
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Kathleen McRobbie

Good luck Helen, am sure the weather will behave and am sure there will be a few tears shed, I know I cried when I moved house, but happy memories are what you’ll have. Your new venture awaits you, so exciting. xx


Yes Kathleen, you’re right I think. I am so excited about the move, but so much has happened here at Coombe Leigh, including Rosie and Dans wonderful wedding last year, that I am sure to shed a few tears when I close the door behind me for the last time. But a really nice family are moving in and I’m sure they’ll love the house as much as I have xx


Good luck on the move, and may it be dry and sunny for the day!! Well be waiting to see the new house and all soon!!

Hugs xx


Thanks Jan, will be sure to post some pictures once my internet is up and running in my new house


Hope the day is rain free for you, and hope everything goes very well for you with the movers, it is always a bit scary no matter how old (young) you are, and hope Ben and Daisy will be ok too!!! Good Luck and hope you new home will be everything you want it to be!!!!!


Thank you and good morning! Have just woken up (rather early, too excited to sleep) and it looks like it’s going to be a lovely sunny day, so hopefully no soggy boxes for me xx

Linda in Maine

I’m so excited for you and the Newfies! Off to new adventures! Have a wonderful moving day, and I will anxiously await your first Somerset post!
Best wishes!
XXX Linda


Hi Helen,

Just to say I hope all goes very well for you and Ben and Daisy’s big move tomorrow.

Love to you all,

Pam MacLennan

All the best for the move Helen. How exciting for you all. Can’t wait to see photos and read all about your new house and the walks you will be able to discover with Ben and Daisy.
Don’t forget to take a minute here and there and catch your breath – oh and don’t forget to breathe out either – lol.


Ahhh …breathing, yes! Must find time to do that, but it’s tricky with so much else to think about!


Have a good move Helen, Daisy and Ben. A new adventure. Do you have far to travel?


Thanks so much, yes it’s over 100 miles. It’ll be such an adventure for my two furry friends who haven’t travelled more than about 15-20 miles from home in their entire lives!


Safe journey. Moving is always difficult, I know. Look forward, not back. New adventures, new walks, new friends and new inspiration for stitching!


Best of luck in the new house.Get settled fast we will miss you & the newfies.


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