The Olympic Torch and a nice cup of tea!

Torch in ChillingtonIt was very exciting to see the Olympic torch pass through our village on Sunday morning.  I think the entire population was outside lining the route – and quite a few visitors from other (less lucky!) villages too.  Everyone got into the spirit of things, waving flags and cheering – even the pirate from outside the old Fish and Chip shop was dressed in patriotic style!  In the end it was all over too quickly – the torch flashed past and was gone ….

Tea revives you

 … so we all went inside for a nice (very British) cup of tea.  For, as it says on my cushion pattern for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine … “Tea Revives You” and after all that cheering we needed plenty of reviving!


What fun pictures! Chillington looks so festive, as well as your lovely Coombe Leigh. (Your garden is beautiful, by the way!) Very cute photo of the young man hugging his well loved softie pup. I’m so glad that you had dry weather for the torch pass!
I love the tea cushion! The tea pot is wonderful…steaming away with running stitch! Just lovely!
x Linda


How exciting to have the torch pass through town! Unfortunately it seems like all the fun and exciting events are over in a flash and it ends up being the anticipation and fellowship that follows that makes the day! I would have loved to share a cup of tea with you! 😀 I have a little Olympic excitement to look forward to too. I live near “Track Town USA” (Eugene, Oregon) and in a couple of weeks time, Eugene is hosting the US Olympic Track Trials. Unfortunately tickets can’t be had at this late date so I’m just going to have to use the event as an excuse to participate in all the other fun stuff surrounding the event! 😀


I remember taking my girls to see the torch when it came through Utah for the Winter Olympics. I was very exciting. We chased it all over town. One might not think it would be fun until you see it go by your self.


Exciting isn’t it? The torch came through Wells yesterday and we went down to join the crowds. We plumped for Cathedral Green and the atmosphere was great, schoolchildren cheering absolutely everything, people on roofs, sunshine. But we didn’t get to see much of the torch, even though it passed us twice, as the path was so narrow and full of security runners, television cameramen, official photographers and pushing crowds. But I’m glad we went.


How wonderful and exciting for you! And thank you for sharing with us! My husband is a Paralympian from the US Paralympics in Spain in 1992, so the Olympics are near and dear to our hearts and an emotional event each and every time. You will always cherish the experience no matter how fleeting!


It must have been so exciting!!! I am glad your town got to have the experience! I am so excited for you, I think I need a cup of tea!


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