The view from my iPad

Today it has been hot and sultry, an oppressive, heavy sort of heat, the kind that sometimes heralds a thunderstorm.  Ben has not known what to do with himself – a thick furry coat is not ideal for these conditions.  In the end he just flopped, resting his hot and heavy head on my knees while I was answering some emails and generally messing around with my iPad.  So I clicked my camera button – and proudly present to you … 

View from my iPad

The view from my iPad!!


I am a cat person, but I do understand the heavy coat, one of my cats has a heavy black and white coat and he flops down on the tiles in the coolest room in the house (near the fridge) once it gets over 80 degrees (F) outside. Most summers it gets over 100 degrees here almost daily. Poor Ben must be sweltering hot and needs to just imagine he is running in the Iditarod or something. Skritches headed onto that nose. 🙂


Poor Ben, he must be so hot. Ruby has found the utility room, it’s at the back (north side) of the house with one tiny little window only and a tiled floor, and it’s the coolest place in the house. I was tempted to join her yesterday.


Poor baby! I guess you will have to go on the beach more often with this poor fellow.


Goodness, it took me a second to figure out what part of him that was! LOL! Such a sweetie, poor guy, the heat must be tough for him, do you hose him down to cool him off or would that just make it worse?


My brother has a dog with a very heavy fur coat. He has to get him shaved about 2 times in the summer to avoid heat exhaustion.. Poor Gromit(the dog), He has a mohawk down the center of his back and the rest of him is covered in thick fuzz. But, at least he is more comfortable.


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