Topsy Turvy Day

Totally unrelated but very cheerful picture – summer in the gazebo a couple of years ago!
Yesterday was a really up and down, topsy turvy sort of day …. and who knows what today will bring?  I am typing this sitting up in bed with my new laptop perched precariously on a pillow on my knees.  Certainly to many people this will seem quite normal , but I have only just entered a new world … this is my very first laptop and I’m feeling rather topsy turvy. 
My elderly desktop was becoming quite incapable of keeping up with all the graphics and pictures I like to play with, and having seen the benefits of laptop technology I decided to take the plunge!  Still waiting for a wireless thingy though (yes I know  – my technology was so ancient it was almost prehistoric), so have a very VERY long ethernet cable snaking across the landing to the router in my workroom.  Sky have promised delivery next week so then I will be truly in the 21st century.
Of course with a new pc, no matter how good, there are teething problems.  Mostly it is absolutely fine – no more than that – it’s wonderful, no more taking at least 20 minutes to wheeze into life, it springs into action about 10 seconds after I switch it on, and is even capable of running more than 3 programs at once!  But the teething problems are my printer and scanner.  Although these are actually quite new, they don’t seem to want to run on Windows 7 so until that is sorted I can’t give you my new Valentine’s pattern.  Hopefully this won’t take more than a day or two and normal service will shortly be resumed. (watch this space!)
So as I can’t bring you my little mole looking for love today, I thought I’d mention our parish bunting project.  We are a very sociable village and every year we celebrate Bonfire Night, Carols Round the Christmas Tree, Harvest Festival, Garden Viewings and of course, the highlight of our year, the Parish Fete.  But our bunting has seen better days.  It’s that horrid plastic stuff and is ripped and crumpled and stuck together with staples and sellotape.  So we thought …. rather than buy more plastic … let’s make our own. 
The posters have gone up in the shop – templates are available and all who can are being asked to hunt out suitable fabric – old sheets, shirts, pyjamas – anything cotton or polycotton.  The proud possessors of pinking shears are cutting out the flags and very soon an afternoon in the village hall is planned for assembly.  Sewing machine owners (including myself!) will take our machines along and, well supplied with tea, biscuits and conversation, will stitch flags to tape.  And hey presto!  Lovely, long-lasting, environmentally friendly bunting – and a real community achievement too.  I promise to show you some photos when it’s all finished and flying proudly at this year’s fete – camera and computer permitting of course!!


Good news all around with you new laptop and the fun making the new banner. Will look forward to the Valentine pattern next.


What a fantastic idea, I love it when a community all pulls together, we have a community project where us older ladies help the younger generation with their knitting and sewing and even encourage them to take up these hobbies……..we meet every two weeks in the local community centre, it has been a great success.

Have fun with your new laptop.

florrie x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy

How Exciting! I never thought I would get used to not using a desktop model but I love my lappy now!


What a brilliant idea. I've noticed that bunting comes out quite a lot for our village affairs too, so I might suggest doing something similar.


What a wonderful idea with the bunting, I wish I lived in a village like that ~ my village has a population of over 27,000 people ~ that would be an impressivly long bunting if I could get them all involved! 🙂
Kandi x

emma bear forever

That's such a good idea, everyone working together :0) You certainly have fab views where you live. x


LUXURY Sitting in the warm on a cold and frosty morning playing with your new computer.
Love the idea of the bunting
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Muddling Through

Congratulations on your new toy! And how wonderful your village sounds – almost like a step back in time, while you are taking a step forward.


Hmm. Laptops and the tops of laps (even my well padded lap are such different shapes!
Good luck:) XX


Get a lap board for that laptop! Putting it on a pillow could cause it to over heat or shorten the life of your battery. It needs to have adequate air flow through the bottom of the machine to provide cooling. You want that wonderful new machine to have a long, productive life!


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