My new photography assistant!

I have read so many articles on the importance of having good images when you’re listing online.  I totally understand how crucial this is, but must confess photography is something that I’ve really struggled with over the years.  Recently though we invested in a light cube, camera and some backdrops and I do think that my images are much improved.  I’ve been re-photographing some of my earlier projects to try to get some nicer, better quality photographs.

We’re going to be offering a selection of new kits  for the spring season, including a rabbit softie kit, very soon (just in time to make your own for Easter) so new images are vital.  After plenty of tweaking and arranging with the assistance of the youngest team member I’m proud to present the results of our photoshoot ….


Which I was quite pleased with, especially as it was pouring with rain outside and there was almost no natural light.  Luckily my new young helper was more than equal to the challenge …

DSC_0005 (4)

“It’s so important to position your subject correctly Grandma!”  advises Freddie, who has had  his photo taken LOADS of times, so knows exactly how things should be done….

DSC_0022 (1)

“And maybe you should consider a few additional props?”  In the end we decided against the props, which was just as well as Freddie needed them for an urgent building project(!)   As well as new rabbit kits, we’re planning on offering Miss Matilda Gosling (who featured in the March Magazine) as a kit too …


And hopefully will be listing them next weekend.   Meanwhile you can find the patterns for both the little Grey Rabbit and Miss Matilda Gosling in the Bustle & Sew store.


Aw, thanks Julie – I think he’s adorable (but I might be just a little bit biased haha!) x


Thanks Valerie – I of course think he is the most adorable little boy in the whole world – but it’s entirely possible I might be a bit biased haha!! xx


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