A day in front of the woodburner – and a new kit in store

Goodness me, what a winter we’re having this year! We’ve had freezing temperatures and snow (though nowhere near as extreme as friends in North America have been experiencing – thankfully!), the odd sprinkling of warm and sunny days on which we can feel that spring really is just around the corner, mist and fog – and far too many days like today – cold, grey and dreary with incessant rain drumming on my conservatory roof. Daisy is feeling rather despondent too as she sees the prospect of a walk fading away – I love her very much and know she needs her exercise, but I’m sorry, today might be a “let’s snuggle in front of the woodburner” day. The forecast is good for tomorrow though, so I’ll make it up to you then Miss Daisy!

I do love my little woodburner.  I wasn’t quite sure about it when I moved here as it was much smaller than my previous one and at first when I tried lighting it the room would fill with smoke, setting off the fire alarms and making the Newfies dash into the garden.  But I had the chimney swept and gradually have become more expert in its management – we are surrounded by tall trees here and if the wind is in a certain direction the downdraft really does try to blow the smoke back down the chimney!  Now I am accustomed to its eccentricities it has become a much-loved friend that can be relied upon to bring cheer and warmth to even the greyest, coldest days.

There’s lots of cheer and warmth in the February magazine too.  I’m not quite ready to show you the full preview (still tinkering about with it!), but here’s the cover showing all of this month’s projects ….

I hope there’s something for everyone to enjoy!  Freddie has already claimed the Happy Cat softie as his own whilst Rosie has told me she’d love the Hello Zebra! hoop for her living room wall.  But if the thought of transferring all those stripes to your fabric is a bit daunting, then fear not – we have a new kit in store for you ….

Yes, the Hello Zebra! design is now available as a kit and is in stock now.  Today is also the last day of our pre-order discount on Rosie’s Houseplants Kits as we will begin sending out orders next week.

Just CLICK HERE to find all our kits in store.


Your Woodburner does look inviting.We had the same weather,rain rain and rain oh and mist.Love that Happy Cat,The Cushion Cover is lovely,I love Bunnies.Hope Daisy got her walk eventually bless her,I’m sure she loved snuggling too.


Aw, thanks so much Lee. Yes Daisy did get her walk in the end – we decided to try out her new drying coat. The manufacturer claimed that it would remove 90% of water from her fur within 15 minutes. And ….. it took 20 mins (Newfies have VERY thick fur) but it worked!! And left her fur all shiny and fluffy too – perfect for more snuggling later that evening. xx


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