A Christmas Commotion!

My own Miss Daisy and Rosie’s goldendoodle Tilly are two very silly dogs who have known each other since Tilly was a tiny pup of 8 weeks old. That’s a very early picture below …

They have always been partners in crime (and mischief!).  Tilly has been staying with me for a few days and they love to snuggle together on the sofa in the conservatory. They are not really supposed to be up there, but I have given up the fight and simply spread lots of blankets over the upholstery to protect it from their muddy paws.

Yesterday as they had both been QUITE good for most of the day I decided to give them each a dog chew as a special treat.  They sat very nicely and offered their paws to shake – so far so good.  Daisy took hers out into the conservatory to lie on the cool tiled floor and began to munch.  Then it was Tilly’s turn.  She snatched her chew, spun round and, without even looking, in one movement leapt over the sofa arm and, as she thought, onto her favourite spot.  But ….. I had been taking down the Christmas decorations and the tree in its box, not yet sealed, was sitting there instead.  She landed directly on the box and I think some of the branches might have prickled her furry bottom as she instantly shot up a good 12″ into the air, knocking both box and tree straight on top of Daisy who was totally absorbed in her own treat!  Startled, Daisy shot forwards, straight into the large enamel tub of kibble that sits on the conservatory floor, knocking it over with a huge crash and clang – kibble everywhere!

I’m afraid I don’t have any photos for you as it all happened so quickly, and then I spent the next half an hour sweeping up all the kibble (including the large quantity that had disappeared UNDER the sofa) while my own treat – a nice cup of tea  – was cooling on the kitchen worktop. Then it was back to sewing. I did want to show you a photo of my latest project for the February magazine – but the light here has been so dreadful again – we are particularly prone to fog as we’re quite high – over 600 ft here on the edge of the Mendips.  This is the best I was able to manage – taken by the light of my work lamp – it’s still very much a work in progress …..

It’s a succulent wreath – this design’s all about different shades and textures – with a central initial.  Mine’s an “H” (of course) but I will include a complete alphabet in the pattern when it’s published.  And finally …. I felt a bit proud last week as our Rosie’s Houseplants pattern was included in Bath Life Magazine….

We’re currently restocking our Rosie’s Houseplants kits – there’s lots of cutting of floss going on – and those naughty dogs are being kept well out of the way.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re back in stock again – which will definitely be in the next week or two.




Oh Helen, You have made me laugh out loud. I have a sore throat and a tickly cough and now I am coughing and have tears streaming down my face. Poor you having to clear up the havoc caused by the Christmas tree.

Julie xxxxxxx


Congratulations to Rosie that looks like a lovely magazine to be published in. The succulent wreath looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the entire project revealed. Those 2 silly dogs certainly keep you busy. It would have been fun to have a video of the whole incident.


Thanks Katie! A video would’ve been fun, but it all happened so quickly, and I wasn’t holding my phone xx


Oh dear,but I coudn’t stop laughing at the mental pic I had in my head.Don’t ya just luv em.They are adorable,wonder what Ben would have thought about it all bless him.Love the embroidery.x


Thanks Lee, I can imagine Ben lying on his bed looking at the pair with an expression that says “oh no, here we go again!” Then probably seizing the chance to hoover up some kibble himself! Xx

Pam MacLennan

HAHAHA though I am sure you weren’t laughing when you were cleaning up. Even though there isn’t a photo you have painted a good enough picture in my mind for me to see it all.
We have also been babysitting this weekend. Our son and dil went away for a few days and left their Italian Mastiff puppy (5 months) Luna with us. Our 2 boys are 13 and 9 and are way past having a hyperactive large pup jumping all over them 24/7. I can tell you there were periods of time out in the kennels for all 3 of them at various times. And then yesterday on her last day with us, she calmed down. Murphys Law.
Your new pattern looks lovely. looking forward to the finished piece.


Goodness you had your hands full Pam! Sure they will all be good friends when she’s a little older. Xx


Hello Helen,

First of all Happy New Year to you all at B&S. You didn’t need a photo of the shennanigans with Miss.Daisy and Tilly – you painted a wonderfully clear picture of it all! I’m sorry, I did have to laugh but I can also sympathise as things like that happen with Inky and Echo too, and the only thing you can do is laugh, isn’t it?

The other day I bought your pattern for the Wilderness Bear Bunting which I’m really looking forward to making (the birthday it’s for isn’t until the end of October so even I should be able to finish it by then!).

Love to you all,
Diana (and Inky and Echo, of course) xxx


Yes indeed Diana – either laugh or cry!! Hope you enjoy making your bunting, I know I loved making mine for Freddie and after his party it’s being hung in his playroom which has a bit of a wilderness theme going. Love and a very Happy New Year 2018 to all of you too – Daisy sends tail wags to her online friends Inky and Echo too xxx


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