A few days away….

This week is holiday time for me as I’m typing this from a tiny apartment nestled into a tall old stuccoed building in the heart of beautiful Corfu Old Town.

We have the tiniest balcony squeezed between two lovely old buildings – the road below is so narrow we can reach out and (with a little stretching) touch the wall opposite.

Corfu Old Town is a World Heritage site and so well worth visiting, but do bring your walking shoes, there’s so much to see. This time of year has proved to be just perfect as the weather isn’t too hot, and nowhere is crowded.  By August the temperatures soar to around 40C and the town is packed with hot and often bad tempered tourists.

Today we climbed to the top of the Old Fortress and I took this photo looking back across the city – our apartment is there somewhere!

But where is Daisy? I hear you ask. No need for concern, she’s visiting one of her favourite humans, a lovely lady in the next village who cares for her in her own home. There are children and other dogs to play with so she’s on her element. In fact I think we probably miss her more than she misses us!


Hi there,glad you are enjoying your holiday it looks Divine but oh soooo hot phew.I met a Newfie in the village the other day,blowed if I can remember his name,but he was soooo handsome and soooo fluffy.Oh and sooooo BIG,he was 9yrs old and very well behaved at the time but I did give him a few treats hee hee.xx


Thanks Lee, and how lovely to meet a Newfie – the sweetest natured dogs xx


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