A Look Back at 2016 and our BIG BACK ISSUE SALE has started!!

Phew!  What a year 2016 was!  I’ve been reading reviews in the paper this morning, and it’s being referred to as the year when everything changed and if you look back at how the world was in 2015 that does seem to be a fair description.  Closer to home however, life was less eventful, though we did pack a lot in……

2016 the year

I learned lots of grandma skills (and remembered some half-forgotten parenting skills – nappy change anyone?) over the 12 months.  These have seen Freddie develop from a tiny newborn baby into a strong, clever and determined one-year-old who is busy exploring the world around him (and wearing both his parents and his grandma out trying to keep up with the newly mobile youngster!)

We held pawties for the puppies (weren’t they all good waiting for a slice of cake!) and even though we don’t live near the sea any more Ben and Daisy were able to fit in some swimming.  Just don’t mention the time Daisy charged down the bank, hit the water with an enormous splash and started swimming strongly.  Unfortunately she hadn’t noticed this wasn’t the sea, so she wasn’t looking where she was going which led to her hitting the opposite bank upon which she promptly sank!!  It was so funny, and the only real damage done was to her dignity!  Ben is still doing well, though he’s an old Newfie now – he will be 10 in the spring, so he is much more sedate and sensible these days.

Of course I managed to fit in lots of baking, probably my secondmost favourite activity after sewing – and there was certainly a lot of sewing happening over the year too – though you’ve heard about that already of course, so I won’t bore you by mentioning it all over again.

What I will mention though is that our annual BIG BACK ISSUE sale has begun.  For three days ALL back issues of the Bustle & Sew Magazine are available for just $1 each.  (around 75p).  We only do this once a year, and this year we’re also offering a 50% reduction on all Christmas patterns before I close the Christmas store at the end of the week.


Just CLICK HERE for back issues and HERE to visit the Christmas store!



A very happy, healthy, and safe 2017 to you and your entire family. Many thanks for always offering such beautiful inspiration.


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