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One of the joys of moving to my new home – though perhaps not so new any more as I’ve been here for more than two years now – has been the fun of making new friends and exploring new places.  For many years I was a regular visitor to Bath when the rugby club was playing at home, but I don’t think I ever ventured outside the city centre and, beautiful though that is, there are so many other lovely places to discover just outside the city.  One of those is the American Museum which I’ve been meaning to visit for some time as I know it has a wonderful display of quilts.  I haven’t yet managed to see that display, but yesterday I headed off there with a good friend as the museum was hosting a Textiles Fair.  Jayne and I had such a lovely time.  There were so many beautiful fabrics on display, both vintage and modern artisan textiles ….

And we both made some cheeky purchases!  Jayne discovered a beautiful Victorian paisley shawl – pure wool and so fine that although it measured more than six foot square, it weighed next to nothing and folded up very small indeed.  I found some lovely printed cottons perfect for embroidery.  Then it was off to the gardens …..

Where, along with some traditionally English borders there were some definite prairie style planting schemes – just loving that rudbeckia.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the gardens too, before squeezing in one last treat – a visit to the Folk Art Gallery ….

I couldn’t take many pictures inside as it was quite dark, but I did manage to capture the quilted panel in the top right corner above.  This is stitched together from cigar silk ribbons – amazing!  And  the Friendship Quilt too, signed by everyone who participated in its making.   It’s a great place to visit if you’re anywhere near Bath, there’s so much to see and do, and we definitely plan to return before long – and hopefully next time we’ll be able to visit the Quilt Exhibition too!

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My friend Liz (The Washer Woman) was one of the organisers of that fair.

Its lovely at the American Museum. I have been a few times and each time it changes in the museum, as well as in the exhibition hall. One year I saw the dresses of the “American Princesses” I love the quilt room the best!

Julie xxxxx


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