A lovely walk … and Daisy takes to the water

Before I moved to Somerset I thought I knew Bath and the surrounding area quite well.  But this wasn’t the case at all as I had absolutely no idea how beautiful the countryside south of Bristol actually is.  There are enough deep country lanes to satisfy even my nostalgia for the Devon countryside, and at this time of year the landscape is at its loveliest, as though it had dressed in a froth of white blossom in honour of last week’s Royal wedding…

The church at Publow, a tiny hamlet alongside a shallow river crossing, is so pretty with its golden tower surrounded by a tumble of gravestones.  The dogs, however, were not at all interested in admiring the scenery – “Hurry along humans!” they seemed to be saying!  There was even a chance for some swimming along the way – and Daisy made a wonderful discovery too.  Since Ben died, she hasn’t had a swimming companion and splashing around seems to have been a lot less fun for her.  But…we discovered, much to our surprise that (following a little support and encouragement from Daisy, who carefully remained alongside her friend until she was confident she was safe) Tilly can swim like a fish!

Such fun they had!  There was splashing, crashing and swimming for sticks which were sometimes (though by no means always) retrieved by the silly pair.  And, unlike swimming in the sea, there was no need to spend a long time rinsing salt from their fur.

But it hasn’t all been fun and dog walks here at Bustle & Sew HQ this week – I have been working hard on the June Bustle & Sew Magazine which is published on Thursday 31 May.  Rosie has photographed the first batch of projects…

I’m not sure which is my favourite so far, though I do rather like the little giraffe head (featuring some very simple wiring to stop his neck flopping over) and the laundry bag will definitely be coming on holiday with me this summer!  If you’d like to find out more about our magazine, then please just CLICK HERE to read all about it.

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