A ride on the train

This weekend we visited our local heritage railway, the East Somerset line based at Cranmore Station, as they were holding their first steam gala of the year (we have a family member who absolutely LOVES trains!).  The dogs were delighted to see this poster on display, as they also love steam trains, and in particular cramming into a small compartment ….

Where they can be assured of receiving lots of lovely attention – ear rubs and the like from their families, whilst also making lots of new friends along the way.

It’s only a short ride, taking about 45 minutes, but even so there’s plenty of time to admire the scenery (the banks were thickly studded with primroses) and enjoy the sensation of swishing along in the old-fashioned carriages whilst the train chugs up and down the line.   Freddie was particularly taken with the large green engine….

Which looked quite like the locomotive on the poster we spotted…

Though I don’t think he wants to be an engine driver when he grows up – at least not this week!



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