A Time for Giving…..

Goodness, wherever is this summer vanishing to?  I can hardly believe that we’re into August already, though the nights are beginning to draw in and it’s dark by 9 pm here in Somerset.  But there’s still plenty of the season remaining to enjoy, though we’ve been rather too busy to get out and about very much.

The Engineer and I are still in the middle of our moving house (he spent about half an hour trying to cancel his broadband – it isn’t particularly easy if you can’t remember your memorable word, don’t have your account number and have packed your bank statements – I think hewas reduced to giving his mother’s shoe size in order to convince the Customer Service Assistant he really was the account holder!).

But we did find time to enjoy a lazy afternoon with Daisy just chilling in our local pub garden which had quite a festival feel….

The bunting flags were particularly pretty as they were cut from a very lightweight silky fabric that fluttered in the breeze.  There were dragonflies (they moved too fast to photograph) and the borders were alive with butterflies and bees, so lovely to see.  Daisy is currently making the most of her last few days as an only dog as her new baby brother Rufus will be coming home on Saturday.  All I can say to her is “what goes around, comes around Miss Daisy” as I remember what a naughty pup she was and how she used to tease her ever-patient big brother Ben….

Here’s the terrible twosome when Daisy was around 10 weeks old.  Rufus of course is a yellow labrador, so won’t be as large as Daisy, but when they had their first meeting earlier this week he was definitely unafraid – and running rings around her!  I’ll be sure to share some pictures when he’s home.

Meanwhile – back to the title of this post – “A time for giving…”  I’ve been working on the September edition of the magazine, which includes our first Christmas patterns – Christmas of course is the ultimate time for giving – which made me think that it has been a little while since I shared any free goodies here on the blog.  The autumn months are some of the busiest times for stitchers (and other crafters too of course), many of whom run their own small businesses, just like Bustle & Sew, so I thought it would be a great time to share the supplement we produced for our 100th issue celebrations back in May, full of hints and tips for making a success of your small business as well as stories and advice from some of the mega-talented makers we’ve featured in the Bustle & Sew Magazine over the years.

For your FREE copy of this supplement please just CLICK HERE to download as an easy-to-use pdf file.  And just a quick reminder, we’re still offering our first 100 issues as a super-value bundle…

To find out how to purchase our first 100 issues (that’s over 500 patterns, features, articles, recipes and much more besides) at a massive 90% discount then please just CLICK HERE to learn more.



Thank you so much for ALL YOUR WORK and dedication. You and your beautiful family have been (and continue to be) a true inspiration to this budding entrepreneur.


thank you for the prompt posting of the ‘ stag’s mounted head ‘ on a wooden embroidery ring pattern. I have already sorted some tartan and some fabric with printed with stags. I can’t wait to get started on it. I only joined your site yesterday and have just thoroughly enjoyed your postings and photos. I look forward to seeing more of your patterns. Congratulations !


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