A trip to the woods

Earlier this week I decided to take my two furry friends down to our local woods to see the bluebells.  Last year they were quite spectacular and I was hoping for a repeat performance.  Harridge Woods are just a little way from my cottage and the Newfies were keen to press ahead …

Along the path to where the bluebells flower.  It was sunny and such an invigorating, uplifing kind of day – there was new bright green growth everywhere and so much loud and happy birdsong.  There had been some recent tree felling …

And where the logs were stacked there was an amazing rich earthy resinous kind of smell – and I’m sure lots of bugs and beetles too – though perhaps not as pretty as the ones decorating the cushion in the May Magazine

The bluebells were though, I have to confess, a little disappointing.  Not nearly as many as last year …

Though still lovely.  On the other hand the wild garlic is, I think, going to put on a spectacular show in a week or so. Its broad straplike leaves were everywhere, with tight green buds sitting on the stiff upright stems, and the garlic smell was overpowering.  The Newfies loved it …

Here’s Ben just about to make another dash around the leaves!  And with all this garlic around perhaps it was just as well that the naughty pair did take themselves into the river for a bit of a paddle, washing off a little of the rather pungent aroma!

Though I had rather hoped to bring them home again NOT wet and muddy for once!


Julie Caisey

Ermmm……. think the idea of a clean walk went our of the window……..
I think Bluebells and other flowers are early this year, the wild Bluebells in my garden are and my Laburnum tree is in full bloom and that doesn’t normally happen till mid-may

Julie xxxxxxx


Cold again now though Julie – I don’t think spring can make her mind up this year! xx


Such lovely photos! Ben and Daisy look so joyful on their walk through the woods!
XX Linda


Thanks Linda, to joyful I would add MUDDY!! Naughty pair of pups!! xxx


Thank you for sharing your lovely walk. It’s been too wet to walk anywhere this spring. Love the newfies.


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