a trip to wells market and home again

Usually when Freddie and I head into Wells on Grandma Daycare days we’re off to one of his favourite activities – singing and dancing at Jolly Babies.  But there are no sessions for two whole weeks due to the Easter holidays, so we decided to visit the market instead.  Wells Market is held on Wednesday mornings and is a VERY GOOD MARKET indeed – in my opinion anyway.  It takes place just front of the Town Hall and the first stall you come to is the flower stall, which was looking particularly pretty yesterday ….

Such beautiful spring blooms!  And, this being Easter, there was a special event going on too – a vintage car rally. Apparently there were twenty-five vintage Rolls Royces on display, though cars not really being my thing we didn’t go into the show.  I have a feeling that in future years Freddie might insist on having a good look around – he was very taken with this maroon version in particular ….

Then it was onwards to the pet stall where you can purchase an amazing variety of goodies for your furry, feathered, or even friends with fins!  We selected some pigs’ ears and dog sausages that we thought Ben and Daisy would enjoy, before visiting the vegetable stall ….

Don’t those cauliflowers look lovely!  But I chose rhubarb.  I do have a crown in my own garden, but sadly when next door were having their roof mended last autum the scaffolders put one of the scaffold legs right on top of it.  It is recovering but I don’t think it will be back to normal until next season.  So  I thought I’d purchase some instead, so lovely with custard, or perhaps I’ll make crumble or bake my mum’s rhubarb cake – yum!  Somebody photobombed my picture of the bread stall – with his feet at least!

He really wanted to get out and walk.  But there were too many people around so he had to be patient.  Luckily there was lots to catch his attention, and by this time we’d reached our final destination ….

Yes, the plant stall!!  I was seduced by their offer on tomato plants and though I had fully intended not to grow as many this year ended up with six after all – a mixture of red and yellow cherry tomatoes and some lovely oversized beef tomatoes too – perfect for stuffing with all kinds of savoury goodies and serving with salads this summer.  I also purchased some cucumber plants, as they’re Rosie’s favourites.  Last year I couldn’t grow enough to keep her supplied, so I’m planting extra this season!  Then home again for us and while Freddie napped I got on with a little sewing …

I love the current trend for botanicals, such a lovely way to bring the outdoors in for a fresh spring look.  And the May Bustle & Sew Magazine picks up on this trend, with some lovely floral makes. Above is a wildflower border, still a work in progress that’s destined to become the cover of a new needlebook, perfect for taking into the garden with my stitching over the summer months ahead.

And finally ..  nothing whatsoever to do with this post, but I feel super-proud of myself and need to share ….

This afternoon I assembled Freddie’s new play kitchen (perfect for Grandma Daycare!) ALL BY MYSELF!! Even the bits that said “you will need a second person for this”.  I feel very proud indeed, especially as it doesn’t wobble at all(!)


Julie Caisey

We went there one Saturday late September last year, the market had a lovely selection of Apples in including three varieties of our favourite Russets, and very large, some may call giant sized Bramley’s

Julie xxxxxxx


Love your blog. You obviously had a lovely day out in wells. Hope my favourite Newfies are well and as lively as ever. Sophie has been in a strict diet and is doing very well.
Please say hello to Pauline and Robert when on your walks, I think of you all often.
Keep up the good work with your informative blogs.
Joy xxx


Hi Joy, lovely to hear from you, so pleased all is well. Do give Sophie our love, Ben and Daisy miss their friend. Rob and Jayne are excited for their daughter Ellie’s wedding in the autumn. Love to all three of you xx


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