A Visit to Malta

Last week we packed our bags and, leaving home and dogs in the charge of the lovely Cara, who  comes to house and dog sit while we’re away, we flew to Malta to soak up the island’s culture and history as well as spending a little time in the sun.  Malta itself is a fascinating place, a rocky outcrop in one of the most militarily strategic places in the Mediterranean with layer upon layer of history, having been occupied, disputed and fought over for thousands of years.  Valletta and the three cities have wonderful architecture, think of Paris, Venice and Marrakesh combined….

All overlaid by good old Blighty – Malta was a Crown Colony of Britain until 1964 when the island gained its independence.

But as well as all the culture and history, there was time to relax on the beach…

as well as head out on a boat trip and enjoy some wonderful sunsets. Although the water was beautifully clear it was too cold to swim in my opinion anyway, the Engineer was braver than me haha!  I won’t bore you with any more holiday photos, but I will leave you with an image of a doorway in Valletta that really intrigued me…

Who were Degiorgio and Azzopardi?  What were they merchants and agents for? And look at the dolphin door knocker and the old letter box, I wonder what lies inside?  I feel that this door might be an intriguing element to include in perhaps a spy story (I did enjoy the recent adaptation of the Ipcress File) what do you think?


B Fermoyle

LOVE the photos! Thanks for sharing. And I also love the intrigue of the dolphin 🐬 door!


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