A Walk in the Woods .. and the August Magazine

Goodness it’s hot.  We went to Portugal last week (yes I know, TWO holidays in just three weeks – but that’s it for me now, I’m home until September, busily stitching for the Bustle & Sew Magazine!), and had the unusual experience of stepping off the plane to discover that it was hotter in England than on holiday.  I’m just sorting through my 300,000 – or thereabouts haha – photos from Portugal and will be sure to share in the not too distant future.  But for now I thought it would be nice to share the lovely cool walk Daisy and I enjoyed this morning.

We headed off early to Stockhill Wood, to try to find some shade – Newfies are especially prone to overheating with their thick, heavy, semi-waterproof coats.  I was surprised to spot a couple of new signs at the beginning of the path…

Stockhill Wood

Warning us of the fire risks.  Here in Somerset we’re more used to wading through mud than worrying about fire – but of course we haven’t had any significant rain for 6-8 weeks now, so everywhere is very dry.  Under the trees though the undergrowth was still green…

Stockhill Wood undergrowth

And Daisy was happy to amble along, criss-crossing the path to discover all the most interesting smells.  The sky was so blue…..

Conifers in Stockhill Wood

And when we emerged from the shade, the path was so hot and dusty that we didn’t linger long as Daisy started to feel very warm….

Stockhill Wood, Somerset

We piled back into the car and home for breakfast.  Then for Daisy a snooze (that seems to have lasted all day!) while I have been busy putting the finishing touches to the August edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine….

Bustle & Sew Magazine Issue 91

With its usual range of projects and techniques – including two “Perfectly Portable” designs that are great to take on holiday – the Hello Giraffe! Hoop and Dandelion Cushion – both of which require only one colour of floss – so no worries about scattering skeins, losing bobbins or mislaying colour charts – just right for some peaceful stitching on your sunbed, picnic blanket, or just in the garden at home.

The August Magazine is published on Thursday – so if you’re a subscriber please do watch out for it arriving in your inbox then.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more, then please just CLICK HERE to visit our store.


Janet Hickman

Weather has been pretty crazy here in Illinois, USA. Here it is August 1 and my air conditioner has been off for the past week! It will be going back on later (probably Friday). It has been nice to open the windows and have fresh air. Usually the humidity doesn’t allow us to do that in July or August! I enjoy your magazine and stories and how other crafters got started.


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