A Walk to Publow Lake and a HUGE discount for you

This last month has been super-busy – and a lot of fun too – as we have been celebrating the publication of the one hundredth issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  In fact we’re winding up our month of celebrations with one final special offer – and it’s a good one!

It is the biggest bundle we have ever published, containing all one hundred issues of the Bustle & Sew Magazine all wrapped up inside one easy to use document – a complete library for you to enjoy. It’s incredible value too as there are more than 500 Bustle & Sew designs, as well as articles, features, interviews and much more besides between its covers. The price of just $75 represents a huge discount of 90% on purchasing the magazines individually – but for the last few days of May only, it’s even better value as I’ve reduced the price even further – by another 20% in fact, so between now and the end of the month you can purchase every issue we’ve ever published for just $60.  Super bargain!  To find out more, please just visit the Bustle & Sew store.

Anyway, as an antidote to all this frantic (although happy!) activity, a few days ago we decided to take Daisy on a lovely afternoon walk.  The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.  We parked at Publow Church, a pretty little village church with a rather large tower – perfectly out of proportion to the rest of the building, and followed the path along the river….

Such a pretty walk, though rather interrupted by loud splashes as Daisy chased sticks down the river!  We arrived at Publow Lake which the Engineer told me was formed as recently as the 1970’s by a farmer who also happened to be a keen trout fisherman…

So beautiful and tranquil, the stillness of the water only broken from time to time by ripples as a fish surfaced to snatch a meal from the tangle of midges that danced above the surface.

I wished we had been there a little earlier in the month as there were bluebells, sadly now well past their best.  But there were still other blooms to enjoy, and we have promised ourselves to return again when the bulrushes are at their best.




Anny Sharman

Hi – bought a subscription last night and was expecting to receive the latest mag to download straight away. Have I missed it, or do I need to do something specific to receive it? Love Anny


Hi Anny, I’m sorry about that, for some reason you hadn’t been added to the magazine subscribers list. I’ve updated my records now and you should already have received your introductory email with download links – hope you enjoy the magazine! Helen x


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