A week in the sun ….

Last week I packed the Newfies’ bags, loaded them into my car, and set off on the long drive down to Devon.  In the front seat I had a super-excited extra passenger …..


Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but she was bouncing and wriggling with glee (don’t worry, she was wearing her safety harness so couldn’t leave her seat).  It’s Miss Tilly who last week was a first-time visitor to positively the nicest kennels …


Yes, she and the Newfies were staying with their “Auntie Gillian” at France Farm, very close to where I used to live.

Now it may seem a little silly to drive over 100 miles each way to take the dogs back to their old familiar kennels, but they’ve been visiting Gillian since they were both little black furry dots and as Daisy has such a serious heart condition I didn’t want them to spend a week in unfamiliar surroundings.  It was so reassuring to know Daisy in particular was in good hands, and if she had become ill then Gillian would instantly have been able to whisk her back to our previous vet who knows her history.  As usual both Ben and Daisy ran inside without saying goodbye, quickly followed by young Tilly who spotted two other lively-looking goldendoodles were in residence – so a good time was guaranteed to be had by all!

And while the dogs were on their holidays, Rosie, Dan and I sped off to Bristol Airport and were quickly on our way to Puerto de Pollensa in Mallorca to soak up some last rays before winter descends upon Somerset ….


Puerto de Pollensa is a beautiful resort with a lovely sandy beach backed by pine trees.  There are still some older buildings squeezed in among the new developments and lots of lovely pavement cafes and bars to choose from ….


The sky was mostly blue (though we did have one day of rain).  The pool at our villa was very inviting …..


Much nicer than those nasty muddy ponds Daisy and Ben adore wallowing in!  I spent some happy hours in the shade of a parasol stitching on a new project for the November magazine until a minor disaster befell my work – but more about that next time!  After the disappointing summer we’ve had it was so nice to enjoy just a few days of warm sunshine – and some lovely Mediterranean produce too …


I know I returned from my week away feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, and I was surprised and delighted to find a little bit of the Mediterranean in my own back garden …


Yes these grapes are growing on the vine that scrambles over my gazebo!  They’re lovely to look at but very small, so I think they’re perhaps more ornamental than good to eat.  The dogs were all very pleased to see us again, though Daisy and Ben are absolutely worn out!  I think they’ve slept for most of the time since they came home, and are lying next to my chair snoring loudly as I type.  Dozy pair!


Looks like you had the most wonderful time, and so did the three furry friends.
Julie xxxx


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