An exciting weekend!

All week we had been anxiously watching the weather forecast in anticipation of the Big Day.  We had a heatwave with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees (very hot for England in September) at the beginning of the week, followed by a succession of cold rainy days – so wet in fact that the marquee company couldn’t lay the marquee floor on delivery day as it would’ve floated away!  But somehow, miraculously, on Saturday the weather co-operated and we enjoyed a fine sunny September day for our wedding blessing ceremony.  It was a wonderful day, and so good to meet up with friends and family, some of whom we hadn’t been able to see (due to COVID) for nearly two whole years.  Freddie reprised his role at our actual wedding and walked with me down the aisle, and this time round little Florence was able to take an active role as the littlest (and cutest) bridesmaid of them all!

After the service, we all climbed aboard the steam train (had to be of course!) to enjoy a cream tea as we travelled through the Somerset countryside….

First class of course!  The highlight of the day for the Engineer I think was being invited to ride the footplate on the return journey.  I too was offered the opportunity but politely declined as I decided that a sooty steam engine cab was not the place to take my ivory wedding dress!  Then back to the marquee to cut the cake…..

after which the dancing began – and no, I am not posting any photos of that – suffice it to say that a good time was had by all!  I delighted that ours was a local village wedding – both the flowers and the cake were from tiny local businesses within a couple of miles of our house – and of course we live right alongside the railway.  So no time for any stitching over the last few days – but I’ll be posting about some new projects – and a lovely new pattern for newsletter readers later this week.


Such a beautiful ceremony, Helen, and congratulations to you both once again! Thank you for sharing your special day!
XX Linda B.

Pam MacLennan

WOW what beautiful photos Helen, it looked like an amazing day.
Congratulations to you both.


Hi,catching upThank you for sharing your wonderful and Happy Day with all of us.Your dress is so Beautiful and The Engineer looks so handsome.What a fantastic way to Celebrate your Blessing Day.I Love Steam Trains,would love to go on one for a cream tea.The little ones looks so gorgeous in their finery.Wishing you both every happiness.


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