An old favourite …..

As the countryside swelters in our longest heatwave (yes, FIVE whole days of 30 degree plus temperatures), all along the hedgerows elders are coming into bloom, their snowy white clusters of flowers with their unmistakeable fragrance, are telling me just one thing – it’s time to make elderflower cordial.

I’ve been making this for many years now, and it’s always been a great family favourite.  So, even though I’ve shared it before, I thought I’d do so again – just CLICK HERE to download my free step by step guide to making this delicious seasonal cordial.

PS Wow!  Just found my original photo – was it really SEVEN whole years ago I shared this for the first time?!?!  I can hardly believe it – where does the time go?  I wonder if the Two Fierce Pirates, that’s Captain Bearbeard and Long Tom Tiger(!) would enjoy elderflower cordial – or do fierce pirates prefer something a little stronger haha?!

The pattern to make these simple softies will be in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine coming next week.


Bummer, no elderflowers (that I know of) here in the US, or at least Southern California.

Is a cordial like a liquor?


Aw, that’s a shame Valerie! Cordial is a sweet syrupy liquid that needs to be diluted, either with fizzy or still water to make a drink or alternatively can be added to ingredients like gooseberries for a delicious dessert xx


I don’t have an elder tree either Julie, but there are so many in the hedgerows I can still make my cordial. 🙂


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