An outing to Wells

Earlier this week Freddie and I made the short trip into Wells to do some shopping.  After stopping to feed the ducks that swim along the Bishop’s Palace moat (no sign of the swans this week), we took our picnic lunch into the palace gardens….

It looks as though the allotment holders have been busy!  And look at the apple blossom – can it really be more than six months since I sat watching Freddie roll the autumn windfalls backwards and forwards under the very same tree?  Today he was more interested in looking for the dragon’s treasure….

Though I’m not sure he found anything of value – just a few pebbles that he saved to throw into the Palace Moat on our way back to the car park.  I had planned to stay for a little longer …. but it seemed as though those pesky April showers were still around – just look at the colour of the sky over the cathedral tower….

Luckily the worst passed us by – just a few fat and heavy raindrops splattering onto the pavement as we hurried on our way.  And there was just time to pop into the bookshop where I found two lovely new picture books for Freddie … I was particularly pleased to discover the Alfie book – I love Shirley Hughes’ illustrations and remember reading this story to Rosie when she was a little girl…

Such a very long time ago!


Susan Cook

What a lovely adventure with your Grandson, Freddie. My Grandson is a Freddie too and we love to go on similiar adventures.

Thank you for the book suggestions. I had forgotten these two.


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