And now for something completely different…..

I am so pleased to be able to announce that the first of our Shepherd’s Huts – Rhubarb, is ready!  It’s taken quite a long time – and a lot of (very) hard work, but Rhubarb is finally complete.  He sits at the end of our Kitchen Garden….

With his own private patio area and a great view across the garden towards the station (we still need to add some screening to the LPG bottles that power the heating and hot water in both huts).

The early days were hard work – we had to clear the site which was totally overgrown, fill in the hole left by an old Anderson shelter and then pour some concrete foundations (I discovered I really don’t enjoy shovelling concrete in the rain!) for the huts to sit on.  It was an exciting day when they were lifted in….

And then the hard work really began!  But now I am pleased to be able to report Rhubarb has electricity, wifi, running water (hot and cold), a shower, a “proper” flushing toilet and even central heating for those chilly evenings.

I really enjoyed furnishing inside (much more fun than shovelling concrete!)

Katie, Clover, Primrose and Poppy have done their bit too, and visitors will discover their lovely super-fresh (and super-local haha) eggs in our welcome packs.

We’re now taking bookings for next spring onwards, so if you’d like to come and experience life at Bustle & Sew HQ for a few days, ride the steam trains on the East Somerset Railway (we include a complimentary Rover ticket with all bookings), meet the canine team members….

and chat about stitching then we’d love to meet you!

We’re listed on Airbnb, just CLICK HERE to learn more and reserve your space.




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