Autumn Stitching and New Flora Fabric

It’s colder and darker in the mornings now. When I wake and go downstairs to let the dogs out into the garden I can see the sky is lighter in the east.  As I make my coffee and wait for them to finish their inspection of their domain if it’s going to be a sunny day then I can spot the earliest golden rays above the horizon.  The dew is heavy on these mornings, and I can see a trail of rather large paw prints across the lawn, down the old steps and into my kitchen, where I know there will be two large black furry creatures waiting with great anticipation for their first breakfast.  Ben and Daisy are great believers in the principle of eating like Hobbits – first and second breakfasts are definitely required – followed as many snacks and goodies they can snaffle before they end their day with a substantial supper and finally their bedtime biscuits!

And now it’s truly autumn I’ve been enjoying some seasonal stitching too … something scary is in my hoop at the moment in readiness for Hallowe’en …..

Eek!  I am not at all fond of spiders! Even though my rational self tells me they’re very useful creatures who won’t do me any harm at all – my instinct upon seeing one is to scream loudly and run away!  I don’t mind them so much as long as they stay in the garden though, and their cobwebs festooned with sparkling dewdrops are really beautiful too.  Much more to my liking are the various fungi that appear across fields and woodlands at this time of year.  It’s fun to forage for field mushrooms, though you certainly can’t eat the Fly Agaric in the design below ….

This “Autumn Smile” hoop is one of the designs for the October issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine that’s published at the end of the month.  We’re also in the process of putting together kits for this design and they’re currently available in the Bustle & Sew store at a special pre-order price.  Just CLICK HERE to find out more.

And finally … I just wanted to mention that we have some exceptionally pretty new Flora fabric (a vintage Laura Ashley design) for our current stock of kits, and above you can see my original Flora helping to assemble the kits.  I love searching out all the prettiest vintage fabrics for our Floras, and this is one of the nicest I’ve come across!  If you’d like to learn more then you’ll find Flora kits in-store HERE.


Hi Helen,

I love the spider and cobweb! As a child I was frightened of spiders until my Grandmother pointed out to me that I was so much bigger than any spider and that they are much more afraid of me than I should be of them – hope that helps you!

Diana xx
Inky and Echo send woofs to Ben and Miss Daisy. xx

P.S. Almost finished Mr.Wilderness Bear – just his headband and feather to make now. I have so enjoyed making him – thank you. xx


Aw, I’m so pleased you enjoyed making your bear! And I regret to say no, that doesn’t help me at all – I know my fear is irrational, but I simply can’t help it xx


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