Been on Holiday to Corfu!

You may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet here on the Bustle & Sew blog lately.  That’s because we’ve been on holiday, spending some time in Agios Giordios, a village on the south west coast of the island of Corfu.  Such a beautiful place…..


This was the view from our balcony.  The bougainveillia was so beautiful in shade of scarlet and cerise, while the village itself nestled in a sandy bay hard up against the steep hillside….

Agios Giordis

One day we hired a car and I took this view from the road that wound its way up into the hills – so many hairpin bends – I was glad I wasn’t the driver!  Our car was very stylish – I was definitely channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn – think Roman Holiday….

Fiat 500

I know … with my usual not very good photography skills I managed to chop off its “nose”!  It was such fun swishing along with the top down!  We drove to the north of the island, to Kassiopi, and enjoyed brunch at a little cafe on the harbourside.  I fed the fish with tiny pieces of torn up bread, and very much admired the beautiful carved dolphin figurehead I spotted on one of the boats…

Dolphin Figurehead

Corfu Old Town is beautiful too .. of course it is a World Heritage Site – and I definitely understand why…

Corfu Old Town

Though my attention was somewhat diverted from all things cultural by the amazing range of ice cream on offer (check out the image top right!).  After some deliberation I decided upon a scoop of the chocolate brownie flavour, which I think may well have been the nicest ice cream I have ever eaten! And as we walked and talked, flocks of swallows swooped and wheeled overhead, while the parent birds tended to their offspring crammed into nests in nooks and crannies in the old stucco plasterwork…


I don’t know if you can make out in this picture but there are three little babies in the nest, while the parent bird sits to the right.  I tried to catch a shot of the parents feeding their young, but they were far too quick for me!

Then back again to Agios Giordios to enjoy cool drinks and sunset on our balcony….

Corfu Sunset

Wonderful!  Though I wasn’t entirely idle while I was there, making good progress on one of the projects for the August Bustle & Sew Magazine…..

Best Friends Embroidery

A hoop featuring two little besties holding hands.  It was such an idyllic place to sit and stitch.  Indeed, I was totally enchanted by the island of Corfu.  It is a beautiful, surprisingly lush and green place, blanketed with olive trees planted three hundred years ago, punctuated by the sharp green spires of cypresses, of which I’m sure there must be hundreds of thousands across the island.  I have wanted to visit Corfu ever since enjoying Gerald Durrell’s “My Family and Other Animals” while at school, and I’m very much hoping to have the opportunity to return before too long.


Susan Cook

It certainly looks like a wonderful trip! The photos are fantastic. They make you want to jump on a plane and join you. Take care.


I went to corfu many years ago when I was young and I didn’t appreciate Corfu at all! I think I was about 11. Now I am in my late 50’s and would appreciate the beauty of the place .

Paula Walker

Hi, so glad you enjoyed Corfu, I have stayed in Kassiopi, Roda & Sidari, quite a few years ago now. Since being with my partner Dave, we stayed in the village of Roda, in the months of July/ Aug 2014, 15 & 16. We are planning to return there the year after next, we have to simply for… the wonderful people, food, drink, gorgeous beach, that warm shallow sea, those stunning sunsets, views of Albania when it’s clear enough the list is endless. Thank you for sharing with us, your experience & posting amazing photos!
Kind regards
Paula & Dave

P.S. Been loving watching The Durrell’s.

Pamela Smith

Absolutely fabulous place. I have been going for over 25 years and have special friends there. The people are helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lorna Evans

My daughter snd I visit the island of Corfu every year. We’re gutted this year as instead, we’re attending a family wedding in Indonesia (life is tough).
Usually we stay in Sidari but have decided to visit Kassiopi on our visit in 2019.
I’m determined to learn tonride a moped od scooter before I return.

Andrea Karen

Weve been to Agios Gordious 8 times and going again in Sept. Love this place, especially Stevens on the hill and Sebastians restaurant.

Maria Jackson

We have just come back from agios stayed in the Marbella hotel was stunning x

Raymond Doran

Corfu what a beautiful place,stayed in Dassia and Gouvia ,although I have not been back for many years ,due to family loss,we loved the place the friends we made the great times we had,many great memories,would go back in a minute,miss it very much.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful impressions and pictures so vividly. We booked our vacation in Corfu in September and were concerned about a “garbage” crisis on the island reported in some articles. It seems resolved (hopefully).

Karen gadd

I love Corfu. My first trip at the age of 35 years in 1991. It’s now become a regular yearly trip. This year I am taking my 2 eldest grandchildren and next year, all 6 of them. I hope to give them something to remember me by in their futures…

Rosemary Jones

We love Corfu,and stay in Agios Stefanos which we found 5 yrs ago before we stayed Agios Gordious, you can’t meet a more lovely or friendly people than the Greeks,roll on next year when we visit again.

Helen Bennett

Beautiful place, I am in Sidari Corfu at the moment, enjoying a 3 week holiday. Been on a trip to all the Durrells locations today, stunning scenery wherever you go, this is my 20th visit to corfu, and I will be here again next year.

Linda Wright

Just the most beautiful Island..have spent many years the the food..booked again for this year…self catering every time non of this all inclusive..try the tavernas its foody heaven and you are part of their family cant wait to get there xx

Steven West

In Corfu at the moment, Arillas, beautiful place, lovely people very friendly . My first time here but won’t be my last.

Nick Goodwin

Hi, So you came to our beautiful island, why didn’t you stay like the rest of us?

Nick xx


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