Ben’s Birthday Walk

Every year on his birthday I take Ben for a special walk.  In the past this has been to one of our favourite beaches – but this year was necessarily a little different.  Daisy had a grooming appointment so she would look her prettiest for his pawty (complete with the traditional peanut butter and banana dog birthday cake), so it was the perfect opportunity to take the old fellow (he’ll be nine on Saturday – officially a senior Newfie) for a special walk.

We began with a ramble through Stockhill Wood …..


These are Forestry Commission woods, mainly planted with mature conifers, though there are some areas of mixed woodland too.  Ben was feeling very happy and excited to be out by himself.  He loves Daisy very much but oh, she does boss him around mercilessly.  So this special birthday outing was just for him …


We took a different path to usual and he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw in front of him not the beach but ….


A LAKE!!  With lovely easy access for stiff elderly legs.  He didn’t hesitate for even a micro-second before heading towards the water …


And plunging in …..


He swam and swam and swam!  First one way and then the other – and this, he thought, was even nicer than the sea – no pesky waves to splash his face – and no need for scrubbing and sluicing afterwards to get all the salt out of his coat ….


But all too soon it was time to come out.  After all we had to collect his naughty little sister from the groomers …..


And her reaction was priceless!  “You’ve been where?!?!?!  And you did WHAT??!?! WITHOUT ME!!!!!”


After which, in spite of being told she was the prettiest and most nicely groomed Newfie in the whole of Somerset, she went into a mega-sulk ……


You can almost hear her thinking ….. “If Mum doesn’t take me next time, there’ll be TROUBLE!!”


Hope Mitchner

They are so sweet!! I hope Ben had a wonderful Pawty. I could see how much he enjoyed the swim.


Thanks Hope, he did indeed. The pawty is on Saturday so Tilly can attend with her humans – when birthday bandannas will be worn and special dog birthday cake will be served! xx


Happy Birthday, Ben. And thanks for the lovely photos of Ben and Daisy, I always enjoy hearing about their adventures.


Happy Birthday, Ben!
Tell the truth, Helen…you knew the birthday lake was waiting for Ben?!
XX Linda


Oh yes Linda, I did indeed. I had been doing my research. I didn’t take them in the winter as now Ben’s older I thought it would be bad for his joints, but I can see that it’s going to be a regular summertime excursion. xx

Pam MacLennan

Absolutely priceless Helen. Another post that has had me in fits of laughter. I’ve had the guys in the office ask me what I’m up to!!
Daisy is indeed a beautiful looking girl and the way you have portrayed her is so real. Ben was obviously in his element, the lucky boy. Wishing him a very happy birthday xx


Hi Helen,
How lovely to see Ben enjoying himself swimming in peace in the lake, and the pictures of Miss.Daisy back from the groomer are just comical! The pair of them are so loveable.
Hugs all round!
Diana. xxx


Thanks Diana – yes he had a lovely swim. Daisy likes to charge down the bank and then hurl herself into the water and do a speedboat impression round and round Ben as he swims sedately along. So I think he very much enjoyed his peaceful (for once!) visit to the water! xx

Kerry Brittain

Ahhhh if a picture paints a thousand words…….:) So glad you are enjoying life in Somerset, OK, I am a little biased, but it is a fantastic county. Happy Birthday Handsome xxx

Joan Crasten

Happy Birthday Ben! Lovely pictures, and I can see he had a great time swimming.


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