Busy human, sleepy dog!

Rather like the birds in our garden (project in current edition of Bustle & Sew Magazine), who have been busy pairing up and identifying potential sites for nesting, I too have been keeping busy with my stitching.  I have completed the first two projects for the April edition….

And they are stacked on top of my work desk waiting to be photographed and written up while I work on the next design – a set of four embroidered napkins featuring different breeds of chicken….But finding a space to sit and stitch can sometimes be problematic if one or more of the dogs finds their way onto the sofa before I do.  Yesterday it was Rufus, his descent into unconsciousness documented by this series of four photos I took over the course of about an hour and a half. So we have relaxation, meditation, dreaming and oblivion……

Honestly, that Labrador is ridiculous!  I didn’t have the heart to move him, so opened my laptop and got on with some admin instead that I’d been putting off for a while, so time well spent after all.





Sabrina James

Those photos of Rufus really tickle my funny bone! What would we do without our fur friends?! Thanks for sharing!

Sheila A. Litsch

Bella, our lab, goes one step further. She holds one leg straight up in the air (looks like the statue of liberty) and sleeps in that position. I don’t know why the leg doesn;t collapse.

Anne Sneed

I LOVE looking at the pictures that you post from abroad!!
What great dogs you have been blessed with!


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