Busy Times at our new HQ ….

It’s so nice to be settling in properly here at our new Bustle & Sew HQ.  My new neighbours are very friendly – and such an interesting group of people –  a policeman with the most beautiful German Shepherd dog, a retired couple who spent years travelling the globe and even a jazz pianist and composer!

Everyone keeps saying that I must go to the village Produce Show next month, but little do they know that Rosie and I are not only planning to go along – we’re working on our entries too!  Rosie is going to enter the jewellery class with one of her beautiful embroidered necklaces and I think I probably fall into the “any other craft” category with some embroidery or perhaps a softie – I’m not too sure yet.  My dresser has been arranged and rearranged and for now I’m happy with the results – though I don’t think that Little Grey, the elephant head you can see peeping out, will be a permanent fixture ….

home 001

He’s waiting patiently for me to write up his pattern for next month’s magazine.  My lovely Emma Bridgewater jug that Rosie and Dan gave me after their wedding last year has found the perfect spot, and filled with a mixture of real and fake flowers makes a lovely bright splash of colour in the alcove.

home 009

There’s a row of these alcoves along one of the walls (sorry about the messy looking paint finish, it needs another coat!).  I’m not sure what these were for originally – I think some research is called for!  There’s a very active local history society in the village and as my house is over 200 years old I’m hoping they might have some information on its history.  I’ve been painting madly too as  I do  love the current trend for cool fresh painted furniture and it’s nice to paint outside on sunny afternoons …

home 005

I’m trying to persuade the geranium in the watering can to grow some new roots – it’s a casualty of some silly newfie and goldendoodle games!  The newfies do begin to sulk  when I get my paintbrushes out as I can’t let them anywhere close by where I’m working.  This is because they’re more than happy to add a sprinkling of black fluff to any project I undertake and I don’t think a sort of textured fluffy effect is the finish I’m looking for!  So I’ll finish with a picture of Daisy I snapped just a few minutes ago when I came inside from finishing the second coat on the chair above …..

home 007

They say a picture can tell a thousand words, and this one definitely shows how bored and fed up she is feeling – in spite of enjoying a lovely walk followed by a special dog chew earlier in the day. Oh Daisy!



Ahhhhhh, poor Daisy she looks so sweet. Love your dresser. The geranium will root in water, but, you have to cut the flower off.
Julie xxxxx


I looked today and it has tiny little hair-like roots appearing as well as its flower. Must be a very vigorous type. Result!!!


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