Caring for our Feathered Friends in the Garden

Caring for our Feathered Friends in the Garden

Winter may be drawing to a close, but our feathered friends still rely on us for food until spring is well advanced and they can forage for themselves again. The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) suggests these tips to manage your bird feeder and keep it free from pests and diseases.

● Monitor the amount of food you’re putting out carefully. If, as the season advances, you notice that the table isn’t being regularly cleared then reduce the amount you’re offering to the birds.

● Keep your feeders and surrounding areas clean and free from bird droppings or mouldy food which can encourage parasites and pests and the growth of bacteria. It’s also very bad for your pets if they consume these leftovers – they can make them quite unwell.

● Clean and wash your bird table and any hanging feeders regularly. Use a 5% disinfectant solution and also move your feeder to a new position every few weeks or so to prevent droppings from building up beneath it.

● Check any water containers daily, ideally rinsing them out when you do so. Let them dry before adding fresh water if you have time. This will also prevent parasites and pests from breeding in the water.

● Clean out your bird bath regularly to remove droppings and any dead vegetation – especially if your dog is like Ben – who LOVES to drink from the bird bath whenever he can!

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Wait – what do you mean, “bird bath”? It’s my outside water bowl! Don’t be silly, Mom!

P.S. : Sorry I’m late replying, I was busy eating all the yummy treats in the yard.


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