Changing seasons….

It’s a bit discombobulating (Don’t you just love that word?! I know it only means confused, but it’s somehow so much fun!) to have returned from Mallorca where it’s still high summer to early autumn here in the Mendip Hills just south of Bath.  I was delighted to discover that the tomato plants in my greenhouse survived my absence, indeed they went a bit wild, and I have tomatoes in abundance.  The weather has turned cooler and cloudier over the past few days however, and I don’t think they’ll all ripen on the vine so I’ve brought some of the larger ones indoors to ripen on my conservatory windowsill ….


Though I may have to reposition them a little higher up as they are rather at risk from the happy swishing of Ben’s tail at walk time!  And I feel that that I have eaten sufficient salads (including plenty of tomatoes!) this summer, so today I decided to make a lovely autumnal casserole.  Sadly I don’t have an Aga any more, but all is not lost as I have invested in a slow cooker which is very nearly as good.  This morning saw me peeling, chopping and slicing …


Assembling the ingredients for a tasty beef casserole, including some of my own tomatoes.  I don’t have a recipe for this, I just chuck in a good selection of seasonal vegetables, add a stock cube, thyme, garlic and tomato puree, then let it cook very slowly the whole day….

For a really hearty old-fashioned supper it’s lovely to add dumplings too, but I don’t think we’ve reached that point in the year yet!  Though of course it is nearly October and today I sent out the October issue of the Magazine to subscribers …

Hopefully everyone has received their issue, but my emailer did tell me that a few bounced back.  This is only partly helpful as it doesn’t then tell me any details of who didn’t receive my email.  So if you’re a subscriber and you haven’t seen the October Magazine (and it’s not in your junk folders) then please do contact me and I’ll send you a new link.

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