Christmas Celebrations ….

This year our Christmas has been a little different – well no, that’s not true, we’ve simply been a day ahead of everyone else as we celebrated Christmas Day yesterday, enjoying a lovely family meal together (Rosie made the roasties!)


And lots of fun and games too, though we had to be a little bit inventive. Nothing with small pieces for us this year as Freddie wants to join in everything – and his idea of joining in is to crawl through whatever’s going on, seizing anything that takes his fancy on his way, and then tossing it back to us while giggling ecstatically!


Still he isn’t even one year old – until tomorrow!!  He has waited a whole year for his first Christmas and now I can show you my favourite Christmas make (above) as it’s been unwrapped and is hanging on Rosie and Dan’s Christmas tree.

But even though we celebrated our Christmas Day yesterday, today when I woke up today it still felt like a very special day.  I live on a crossroads on the road out of Oakhill, and there are always comings and goings, but today the silence was profound, broken only by the crowing of a cockerel from the next village.  So different to Christmases twenty years or so ago, when Rosie would burst into our bedroom full of excitement and impatient to show us what Santa had brought her that night.  Different – but just as nice since  even though it is just me, Ben and Daisy these days, the house was filled with fun, laughter and family by the middle of the morning – and it was actually rather nice to sleep beyond 6 am on Christmas Day haha!!  And I have been baking ….


….. sausage rolls for Freddie’s birthday party tomorrow.  Somehow I seem to have made rather a lot – I think I got a bit carried away, after all baking is probably my second favourite thing to do after sewing! Still they freeze well and will be good to enjoy when friends pop in.  Now it’s time to put my feet up and enjoy The Great British Christmas Bake Off – and maybe a glass of wine too!


Julie Caisey

Its OK we had Christmas day and Boxing Day a day early too. We saw our grandchildren, and with them, son, daughter-in-law and my dad all had Christmas day yesterday. Today we has a rather large english breakfast instead a traditional Christmas lunch

Julie xxxxxx


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