Christmas is coming .. and there’s a free Goose pattern for newsletter readers too

There are a number of ways we know that Christmas is approaching here at Bustle & Sew HQ.  Firstly there are the sounds of exasperation coming from my little blue workshed as I try, fail, and try again to thread my needle with that pesky, but oh-so-seasonal metallic floss!  My Christmas countdown calendar appears on my mantlepiece along with my Jolly Holly Robin Hoop from the December magazine….

… featuring probably the only holly berries I will have indoors this year, as yet again the birds – thrushes, redwings and goldfinches – have begun stripping the berries from the tree in my garden.  Although I sometimes wish they’d leave me just a few, I don’t mind really as they need all the food they can find during these cold months.  And it has indeed been cold up here (by our Somerset standards anyway), with lots of frosts.

The chickens’ water has needed defrosting several times a day, and Alfie, who feels the cold, has been most reluctant to set even one paw on the frosty patio outside. The frosts have made a lovely background to the final early sign of Christmas here – the running of the Santa Specials. Such a magical sight, and wonderful to hear the giggles and squeals of excited children when they disembark at “our” station (now renamed “The North Pole”) to visit Father Christmas!

I’ve been busy with my needle too, and have put together a simple free pattern for a Christmas Goose ornament for newsletter readers.  It’s completely hand stitched and it’s easy enough for nimble-fingered children to make ….

If you’re a newsletter reader or magazine subscriber then you’ll find a link to download this pattern in my latest email and also in your free patterns library.  If you aren’t a newsletter reader and would like to join, then please just fill in your details in the subscription box on the right (or scroll down to the bottom for mobile users).  The newsletter is totally free and I NEVER share your details with anyone else.

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