Conscience or convenience? And our new kits are here!

I have been busy on a new project for the November magazine this week … a Panda Trophy Head.  Apparently a panda head is essential to decorate a very stylish nursery, so to make it extra cute I stitched it in lovely soft fleecy fur fabric and added two bright shiny bead eyes for an alert and friendly expression.  And this is where the conscience versus convenience argument began ….

beetlepanda 017

I was happily sitting on my workroom floor, with my back against the deliciously warm radiator and enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.  So, rather than standing up to get the packet of beads I knew was on the windowsill I lazily reached behind me, and managed to knock the whole lot onto the floor!  Above is the beginning of the bead cascade – they flew everywhere – and although I gathered up all those I could see, I’m sure that I, or rather the hoover, will be picking up rogue beads for some time to come.  My hoover is bagless, so to retrieve those stray beads I will have to sort through the contents of the dust container (yuk!).  Conscience (in the form of my mother’s voice – she grew up during WW2 so never wasted anything) tells me that I should do this – waste is very bad, while convenience whispers in my ear …. but they were only 99p for a bag of 100 – that’s less than a penny each – let them go!  But which voice will I heed?  What would you do?

Meanwhile, here is the finished panda head ….

beetlepanda 031

Complete with those bright shiny eyes that caused all the trouble, and a black button nose too!  He’ll be in the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine, published on Thursday 29th.

And I’m delighted to be able to announce that our new Christmas Mouse (or as Rosie calls him, Chris Mouse!) kits are available in the Bustle & Sew store.  There’s a choice of colours, and stocks are limited so don’t delay or you may miss out!

The little mice have reindeer antlers, little red noses (rather like Rudolph), chunky baker’s twine tails and lovely cosy vintage blanket scarves.  To find out more, please visit my Christmas store.  And please do keep an eye on this blog or check out my Facebook Page as I’m planning on holding a giveaway for the two mice pictured above very soon indeed.


Haha. Don’t you know as soon as you do it that it’s going to end bad!! I would leave them in the dust.

Have just ordered two Chris Mouse kits, 1 in each colour. I hope you haven’t already sold out and they will be winging their way to NZ shortly.


I think I might just pick out any obvious ones when I empty the hoover and leave any others – seems like a good compromise. And yes, your kits are on their way xx


Had to laugh – sorry! But it happened to me too. I left a couple of jars (I keep beads and buttons in old jam jars especially the ones you get in hotels and cafes that are tiny and have jam in) on the stairs, the lids were not on properly and they accidently got knocked over – my fault, so I put and old pair of tights over the cleaner hose and hoovered up and pulled the beads off.
Julie xxxxxxx


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