Daisy does her best! and coming soon …..

Since his youngest days Freddie has spent quite a lot of time here at my house and as he has grown, he has formed a real bond with Miss Daisy who completely adores him and is never far from his side on Grandma Daycare days. (I feel at this point I should reassure you that he has never ever been left unsupervised with either Ben or Daisy).  And now he’s decided it’s time to teach her a new skill …..

Yes, she is about to make her first attempt at colouring in his Peppa Pig book.  I am sure you can all guess the outcome – although Daisy did her best, Freddie was disappointed to discover that she was completely unable to master this basic skill.  So I am now the proud possessor of a Peppa picture that he completed on her behalf!

While Freddie and Daisy were busy together and Ben was snoozing on his bed I took the opportunity to do a little stitching as I was keeping an eye on them all.  I am working on our new 2018 calendar panel …

This year we’re planning on offering kits rather than just the panels.  I’m using lots of different flosses and it will be much nicer I thought to include them with the printed panel as you will only require small quantities of each colour.  The calendar panels will available very soon as they’ll be in store from early August.  And finally … a sneak peek at the first three designs for the August Magazine

Hope you like them!


I did that once! I tried to teach the dog to paint, trouble was the dog was white, ended up with multi-coloured fur, I was in trouble…. I was about three at the time, but when it is remembered we all have a little smile!

Julie xxxxxx


It was Poster Paints, think in the early sixties those paints weren’t as washable as they are now, and the dog was a poodle so the fur is more wool than fur, I was covered too, Think I used the dog to wipe my hands!


I’m looking forward to the 2018 calendar! What does the happily ever after quote mean though?


Hi Holly, so pleased you like the calendar, it’s huge fun to stitch! Meanwhile … Happily ever after is so once upon a time is the title of a children’s book by Yixian Quek that asks the questions – What happens when you wish upon a star? Do dreams really come true? Is there gold to be found at the end of every rainbow? The conclusion is that rather than believing in fairytales, we should perhaps concentrate on the everyday miracle that is the world around us.


Hi Helen,

Daisy must be one of the most photogenic (and most photographed) dogs on the planet which means, of course, that she was far too busy posing for the camera to concentrate on learning to colour in pictures! Somehow I don’t think Daisy is into multi-tasking. Ha, ha!

Lovely to see her looking so well.

With love to you all,
Diana (and Inky and Echo send licks and woofs to Ben and Daisy; sadly, no food I’m afraid!) xxxxxxx


Hi Diana – thank you – and I will not tell her furriness that, she has a high enough opinion of herself already! Yes, she is keeping very well, we are delighted with her, though she bosses Ben about so much, it’s a good thing he’s so laid-back and good tempered. Love to you and your furry friends too, though I regret to say Ben and Daisy would not send food to them even if they could – they are such a very greedy pair of dogs!!xx


Well, I left my son unsupervised with the cat at three and came back to a cat with pieces of colored paper glued all over him. He was just patiently standing there. Took him three days to clean all the Elmer’s glue (non-toxic) out of his fur. Kids, LOL


Aww bless Daisy. My friend’s little girls has tried to teach our Newf Fergus many tricks, the lastest one involved a near miss with Play-doh!
Creative Blessings, Tracy x


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