Daisy falls in! or “A visit to Bosherton Lily Ponds”

Earlier in the week, before our trip to Caldey Island, I visited Bosherston Lily Ponds with the terrible twosome (Daisy and Tilly that is!).  These form part of the beautiful National Trust estate of Stackpole, just a few miles from our holiday cottage in St Florence, near Tenby.  There is a lovely walk around the lily ponds, and WELL BEHAVED dogs are allowed to join in.  To begin with my two companions were extremely well behaved, waiting patiently while I fussed around changing into my walking boots and locking the car…..

Butter wouldn’t have melted in their mouths – but needless to say this good behaviour didn’t last long.  We set off along an easy gravel path by the side of the largest lily pond.  This must have been a wonderful sight earlier in the year when the lilies were flowering, but still a beautiful, tranquil spot….

Now, I think I might have mentioned before that Daisy doesn’t see very well, so can be easily alarmed by an unexpected movement or nudge – especially when it comes from behind.  She set off fairly confidently along a long, narrow bridge spanning the whole width of the pond…..

You can just see her black furry shape in the distance.  But then … outraged at being left behind (she had been busy sniffing some VERY interesting smells, so had fallen behind), Tilly charged right along the bridge at top speed and cannoned into the back of Daisy – who jumped in the air, leapt sideways, and promptly fell in!  With the most enormous splash!

Then emerged from the water weed and slime looking extremely puzzled as to what exactly had happened.  But then … “don’t worry Daisy, I’ll save you!” called Tilly (or would have done I’m sure if she could talk!)

Not to be outdone, Tilly hurled herself into the water and waded out to “rescue” Daisy, whom it must be admitted seemed perfectly happy where she was!  After that, all that was left to do was to continue our walk down to the most beautiful beach – Broadhaven…..

Where the naughty pair could charge around to their hearts’ content!




Brenda Ackerman

I enjoyed reading about this wonderful “eventful” walk that you had. My whole family enjoys taking these types of walks. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day!

Yvonne Smeaton

Oh my days, your furbabies are gorgeous! We have a golden doodle which looks very similar to one of hours and a newfypoo which is chocolate brown, to complete the pack we have a black spoodle.
The romp on the beach looks like great fun.😊😊🐾

Julie lanner

Too funny! If there is anything a Newfie can do well and loves, it’s swimming, so she would have been ok even if the pond was deep, which it looks like it was not. I hope the gardeners didn’t see her. It looks like you all had a great time.
I love Lotus blossoms. They would make a great embroidery project. (hint, hint) How about a table runner with eight or ten Lotus blossoms? Or a dining mat with three or four and a lily pad where the plate goes? I have a dining mat-sized one I did in filet crochet from a Victorian pattern. I use it on my Buddhist Alter table. I practice a Lotus Sutra-based form of Buddhism. We are the ones who chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (the title of the Lotus Sutra in Kimarajiva’s Chinese translation).
Julie in San Diego, where we have a beautiful Lotus pond in Balboa Park. The Navy built it in WWII as a pool to teach Navy recruits how to swim and after the war, they gave it to the city to use for a Lotus pond.


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