Easy Rhubarb Jam

Each month in the magazine we include some of our favourite recipes – this is Rosie’s particular responsibility as she is a much better cook than I am.  Indeed Dan was heard to remark before Christmas (he loves to live dangerously does my son-in-law) that Rosie’s roast potatoes are the best he’s ever tasted, and could she please be responsible for them on Christmas Day!

Having said that, I do love to bake and also enjoy making jams and chutneys.  I think I must get this from my mum who loved nothing more than to stack her pantry shelves with rows of beautiful jewel-like preserves – marmalade (I’ll be including her recipe in the February Magazine) was a special favourite and her strawberry jam was out of this world.  I thought it would be nice to share another of her recipes here on the blog as forced rhubarb comes into season this month – her Easy Rhubarb Jam …..

Rhubarb Jam

Just CLICK HERE to download the recipe as a pdf file (it’s free) if you’d like to make some for yourself.  It’s perfect for spreading on teacakes, preferably toasted in front of an open fire along with your toes – but if not, then a toaster will do the job just as well!


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