Embracing that festive feeling

It seems as though the Christmas festivities are rushing towards us at top speed, and of course the Big Day is now less than a month away. As soon as the acrid gunpowder smell of fireworks fades back into the chill November air, it’s official, Christmas is on the way! Here at Station House we’re not quite ready to embrace the season yet, but were very happy to accompany Rosie and her family on their annual trip to choose their tree…

They are always a little ahead of us as Freddie’s birthday falls on Boxing Day, so decorations are both put up and taken down early in their house.  We are so lucky to have a Christmas tree farm just minutes from our door.  In fact I can watch the trees growing year-round from my upstairs window and during December enjoy their festive light display from afar.

Choosing just the right tree is a serious business and great care is taken to select one that isn’t too bushy, but not too spindly either; not so tall that it has to be pruned back, but not to short and inconsequential to make a good display! And as you can see in the centre image below, there are plenty of trees to choose from!

There are new Christmas designs to stitch in the December edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine as well (including the robin and reindeer above), but I’ll be back later this week to tell you about those.  What I really wanted to do now is to thank everyone who pre-ordered the fabric panel and pattern booklet for my Wheel of the Year project from Etsy.  All pre-orders have now been sent out, so if you have ordered, then you should soon be receiving yours.

There are still some panels left and I have also now listed the Wheel of the Year as a digital pattern only (ie without the printed panel and booklet) which of course reduces the cost considerably.  This is a good option if you’re confident with drawing a simple circle and transferring your designs (and if like me you’re a bit impatient and don’t like waiting for things to arrive in the post!).  If you decide to purchase this option you’ll receive a very comprehensive digital pattern booklet with full size templates and details of how to access extra files including stitch dictionary and lots of extra photos.

You can purchase the digital pattern from both this website HERE and also from my Etsy shop.

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